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Recent content by Sligh1

  1. Sligh1

    Amish deer slayers

    we had Amish in area that caused countless problems. Trespassing to poaching to shooting every buck & loading hunter after hunter on ground. I know many that have like “120 acres”…. might have 15 of them hunt & kill 8-10 bucks - almost all not mature. Our shady neighbors finally left town...
  2. Sligh1

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    & to hesseu…. Great comments & discussion above…. HONESTY. love it!! I’ll be honest…. I finally got to a point in “hunting career” where I just “don’t care” or “love to gamble”. I’m NOT saying this is right/wrong or how anyone else should do it…. Just how I view it now. If they get killed...
  3. Sligh1

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    I know!!! I get it. That does even “read bad”. ;). This is coming from the guy who spent 15 years mainly on public with a bit of permission. So- I get it. But- i shot that buck I was after last year so no reason to shoot this one. If I shoot one good one- I’m pretty much done. Focus on...
  4. Sligh1

    DeerCast vs HuntWise

    Wunderground.com Watch temp & barometer. When temp declines & pressure rises (more significant for both the better). Or when temp remains low & pressure up. GO! that is the same simple algorithm those apps use. & it’s free!!!
  5. Sligh1

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    Ya. I texted at 8:58 …. “Please tell me you went out?!?” He calls at 9…. I thought “he didn’t go”….. “I just shot him!!! Watched for 30 mins. Finally got him to 12 yards”. Then- clearly I said “where hit, penetration, angle, etc?” (the anatomy thread on here) The phone call he made to me...
  6. Sligh1

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    He’s 7. I passed him at 6 & he was a stud 170”-ish. He lived in maybe a 40 acre area. Maybe. Small. He was not on camera except once on that rub. I kinda narrowed it down to one draw of timber. Told my bro I thought he was bedding there & feeding on nearby cut corn. It was either that or he...
  7. Sligh1

    A Giant Goes Down…..

  8. Sligh1

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    here you go fellas :) More to come or with logo ;).
  9. Sligh1

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    My Brother just smoked a GIANT!!! I mean INCREDIBLE. I’m so proud of him. His close friend video’d the hunt for fun - can post that later. Perfect hunt filmed purely for memory. Got him. I promise you - this is a very big deer. Heads up …. I’ll post it HERE soon. At least pics …...
  10. Sligh1

    Deer anatomy & recovery reminder pics/diagrams...

    Save this link in favorites. Every single buddy I know that’s shot a deer- this is my go to link/photos. Angle, penetration, broadhead, how did the deer react, etc.
  11. Sligh1


    I thought this might not turn out well. Always reminds me that brassicas can handle a lot if they get a tap root down & on good soil - or not torn up. This was no till. Got in stand - pleasantly surprised. When they did get rain- went nuts.
  12. Sligh1

    What broadheads you use?

    Ramcat 125 grain that are fixed @ 1.5” 3 blade cut. Flies like a dart, no failure, penetrates like crazy & 3 blade 1.5” cut is pretty nuts. Swapping new blades on is super easy. some others I seen I like…. Sevr for mechanical. Iron will & solid & few others for fixed. Also, exodus & Wasp...
  13. Sligh1

    Acorns to Oaks!

    What type of soil or what would composition of it be?
  14. Sligh1

    Acorns to Oaks!

    Wife just loves this time of year!!! I’m loaded with DCO’s, regular chinkapins, pear seed as we eat it, 15/16th chestnut, Chinese & ……. These acorns! I had to scan the tree for any starting to brown. I would probably guess peak drop day will be late October if I guessed. (Which I’m...
  15. Sligh1

    Opening week

    Slow!!! Too hot!!!!! Weird year without an explanation. But…. 3 months of season yet!!!!
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