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Recent content by Sod Savage

  1. Sod Savage

    Nets are for fishing:-)!

    The frontal velvet pic made me laugh out loud, cripes sakes!
  2. Sod Savage

    Sir Walter

    he said he was happy a moron didn't get him. HAHAHA. He actually was with me when we found him.
  3. Walter


  4. Sod Savage

    Sir Walter

  5. Sod Savage

    Beans up BIGLY

    looks like the river wants to buy your corn now too .
  6. Sod Savage

    Beans up BIGLY

    Keep an eye on what the hedge funds are doing... they are currently 185k contracts long on corn and probably close to a record long on beans. I wouldn't for one second be afraid to sell the first big drop that happens. Even tho its hard to sell on a down day. But for now the trend is your friend.
  7. Sod Savage

    Beans up BIGLY

    one word, CHINA. They are going wild buying corn and beans. I think there will be an acre battle this year, with the corn, beans, and wheat all actually looking like a decent play. Iowa is going to have an off year for them and corn yield, not even counting the wind.
  8. Sod Savage

    Beans up BIGLY

    I am a merchandiser for a river terminal for my daytime gig. I can honestly say I have never seen a rally like this happening in the fall. Hedge funds are longer now than when 2012 drought was happening. My advice is to sell the beans and store all the corn you can. It makes no sense to...
  9. Sod Savage

    Beans up BIGLY

    What terminal do you deliver to?
  10. Sod Savage

    Beans up BIGLY

    harvest your food plots. how much is that buck head really worth? :cool:
  11. Sod Savage

    What's your unpopular hunting opinion

    The difference between shooting a buck and not seeing that same buck is a lot closer than you think.
  12. Sod Savage

    CWD Hits close to home

    I don't think it will wipe out the deer herd, but if your goal is to shoot big old grey faced bucks, I think that will become more difficult. All of the mature bucks I have gotten, besides one, have come with in a half mile of where this deer was taken. I honestly don't know what it looks...
  13. Sod Savage

    CWD Hits close to home

    Fayette County. It was a late muzzle loader doe. When they were field dressing her they noticed it didn't have any fat on it so they got it tested.
  14. Sod Savage

    CWD Hits close to home

    Like on our farm, right in the middle of it... Kind of sucks but it is what is, we will have to sit back and see what happens next. Deer camp might have to change to Ice Fishing camp. I don't know.
  15. Sod Savage

    Water Cress

    That's what I am not sure. There is a creek that runs less than 100 yards running parallel to the two main trails. Maybe the spring water taste fresher, IDK... Either way seems like a pretty good spot when then wind cooperates.
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