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    Ruger LCP - 500 rnds FMJ - 100 rnds HP

    Selling the following: Ruger LCP with Hogue Grip Includes original box and pocket holster (1) 7 round extended mag (2) 6 round flush mags Desantis IWB kydex holster The following ammo is included 500 rounds of FMJ 100 rounds of Hornady hollow points Will not split up the package - asking $725...
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    SOLD - Please Delete

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    SOLD - Please delete

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    That’s a wrap!!!!! Thoughts? Up next?

    I had a great year in the woods. Started out with a double on toms this spring with my Dad. Took a one week trip to WY and took a small buck at the end of the trip. Had a good shotgun season taking 2 does for the freezer. Was lucky enough to take a good buck on public land during late season...
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    Success rate during different weapon seasons.

    Public land is tough late season to say the least. I have best opportunity during bow season. I hunt shotgun for does and late season for any-sex. If I am after a trophy, bow season is my best bet. I like to keep the freezer full, so hunt as many seasons, plus out of state, as I can.
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    Taxidermy recommendations anyone???

    I take all my work to Chris Heying in New Hampton. He does great work.
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    870 smooth bore slug barrel

    I have a rifled 12g 870 barrel I could let go. It came with the express package. I am not aware of a smooth bore being offered, unless it was years ago. Mine shoots the brenneke slugs well. I have about 70 of the slugs that could go with the barrel. I'm located in North Liberty.
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