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Search results

  1. blakesburg

    Classic leaderboard?

    Hoping someone will give pics and updates on big buck contest again this year.
  2. blakesburg

    Aging buck?

    I was able to connect on an old brute I've seen for several years Friday morning. I believe he is 6+ yrs old. I'd put pics up but gave up on that process. His number 4 teeth are completely worn down and smooth. were is the best place to send jaw bone for aging?
  3. blakesburg

    MN/Canada border Bear

    Spent last week up north. Seen lots of bears but nothing real big. Great hunt nonetheless. . .
  4. blakesburg

    Youth tag question

    Just checking to see if I understand correctly, that a youth can fill their tag during early muzzy, shotgun, or late muzzy?
  5. blakesburg

    First river monster of the summer

    Boys have been beggin to put some lines out. Put out a few last night and this was the first one checked this morning. .
  6. blakesburg

    Tail fan display

    I picked this up at Fleet Farm the other day for son's first turkey. One of the better plaque designs I've seen. .
  7. blakesburg

    Blake's first tom

    Finally got one within range for my son on mother's day and he made a great shot. Couldn't be any prouder. 24 lbs 10 1/2 inch beard 1 inch spurs. .
  8. blakesburg

    Shroomin Bonus

    Found this guy out lookin for shrooms. Couldn't have been dead all that long. Still had moist muscle tissue. Finding some big yellows too. . .
  9. blakesburg

    Vexilar or Marcum

    Looking for a vexilar fl8 or 12 or a Marcum. Thought maybe someone on here may have on laying around they don't use any more. Thanks
  10. blakesburg

    Bottom of the ninth....two outs

    Have held out for one specific buck all season, but today I couldn't resist filling my tag. .
  11. blakesburg

    Lone Wolf

    I have a Assault hand climber that I would trade for a Alpha hang on. I got the climber and just don't really care for it.
  12. blakesburg

    Another deer junkie is born!!

    Blake has been telling me for over a year that he was ready to go deer hunting this summer we did a little target shooting and he was shooting better than me in no time. Yesterday this young hunter put a perfect shot on this little button buck at 70 yds. Most enjoyable hunt of my life. He is...
  13. blakesburg

    few artifacts

    With the big rain a couple weeks ago I though I better get out and walk a few cricks. The boys and I picked these up this past week. Not sure what the big flat one is but definately has worked edges.. . .
  14. blakesburg

    WANTED: Turkey Wing feathers

    A buddy of mine makes arrows using wing feathers. A majority of them go to boy scouts across the U.S. though others buy them as well. If any of you turkey slayers would be kind enough to send me your wings & your buddies & your nieghbors etc. that would be great. He will send you one of his...
  15. blakesburg

    How many dead deer??

    Buddy and I went shedn' Saterday. We covered a couple hundred acres or so of good ground and found close to 20 dead deer. Only two antlered bucks and a few spikes. Just wondered if everyone else found a crazy amount of dead deer this year?:(:mad:
  16. blakesburg

    Got my Bear back

    Went to MN and picked up rug this weekend in Nicollet. First bear so first experience with a rug but I think it turned out well. Topped off a good trip with my 5 yr old winning his bracket in the Austin Shamrock Open Tourney while we where up there. Hes the one holding trophey. . . . .
  17. blakesburg

    Big Crappie

    My son pulled this brute through the ice yesterday. Just under 15 inches. Bigger than any crappie I've ever caught and he's five! Little bro was in awe.. .
  18. blakesburg

    Big Cat?!?!

  19. blakesburg


    Buddy and I were discusing wether you could use bow during anterless hunting in late season. I am to lazy to look in regs, figured someone on here would know.
  20. blakesburg

    Headless Buck!!!!!!!!!!

    A friend of mine was out Saterday evening on some private ground near where I hunt which boarders public ground (Stephens State Forest). He stuck a 'pretty good' ten but felt like the shot was a little far back so he gave him a few hours and went back with his wife. They trailed the blood for...
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