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Search results

  1. BJohnson

    First interior micro plot

    2021 started with a speed bump for me health wise. Seems like I have been behind on projects all year. With the help of a great neighbor, I was able to create my first micro plot inside the timber. The spot was an old campsite location put in by the former landowner. As such, about 50% of the...
  2. BJohnson

    Rant of the Day

    It doesn't matter if the name has a R or D behind it - Washington is just one big drunk fest pandering to the voters. If my WWII era father was alive today, he would be so pissed about how our the country has gotten so dysfunctional. Wake up America ...
  3. BJohnson

    Bully buck deadhead

    I found this deadhead on Sat while taking a break from some TSI cutting. This buck had been on cams the past two seasons but I had never seen him on the hoof. He was a big bodied deer with poor antler genetics. This past Nov I got a series of pics showing blood on his busted antlers/tines so...
  4. BJohnson

    Daughter's First Buck

    My daughter Haley has hunted late muzzleloader season in 2018, 2019 and 2020. In 2018, she harvested her first deer, a nice doe off of our farm in So Iowa. Due to EHD, the does were off limits in 2019 and the season came and went without a shot opportunity for her on a decent buck. Heading...
  5. BJohnson

    My first early Oct buck - "Custer"

    This buck showed up on cams about 3 weeks ago but I didn't get good images until just recently. Cams showed him coming to the main plot on our farm about 30 minutes before dark on both Friday and Saturday. I got down to the farm Sunday around 1:00 with both a work project and hunting on my...
  6. BJohnson

    Browning Defender Wireless

    I burned some CAB points and bought my first cell cam this past weekend. Went with a Browning Defender after running a normal Browning the past couple seasons and been pretty happy with it's performance. Setup of the wireless cam has prompted me to call customer service twice so far. The...
  7. BJohnson

    Late November buck.

    Taken today at 1640 heading to food after a group of three does passed by 5 minutes earlier. Most likely a nice 3.5 yo 8-9 pt. Slightly quartering to shot at just under 30 yrds. I hadn't tagged a buck since 2016 and it felt good to put a solid shot on a buck again after a bad shot on one...
  8. BJohnson

    Timber wind damage

    Our farm sustained wind damage this am. The worst damage is one 20 acre area of the farm where some of our better white oaks were located. I saw downed trees to some degree throughout most of the farm but not as bad as this 20 acre portion. Some trees are down but many have snapped off tops...
  9. BJohnson

    used tillage equipment - available ??

    I am hoping to finalize a tractor purchase in the next few weeks and have been looking at options for tillage equipment. The tractor is an older Ford utility - 55 hp. If anyone has or knows of a smaller used disc or tiller for sale, please PM me. Rear tire width for the Ford is approx. 80"...
  10. BJohnson

    Timber ridge seed options

    I will be finalizing a small 25 acre add-on to my existing farm in the near future. One area within the add-on acres looks like a potential staging plot location. The spot is a NW-SE timber ridge top that has a open pasture to the S across a boundary fenceline. Since this spot has a...
  11. BJohnson

    2018 - 19 season perspectives

    Now that the 2018-19 season is closed, what was everyone's perspectives on their season. I'll start: 1) Mature buck sightings - down for me. I saw one shooter buck on 11/9 that I estimate was at least a 4 yr old and was never offered a shot after 3 hrs of watching him tend a doe at 50-70...
  12. BJohnson

    Daughter's first

    This year was the first year hunting for my daughter Haley. She completed her hunters safety online in Nov and decided to go late season with the CVA muzzy. She sighted in the gun over Thanksgiving and was solid at 65 yards. Yesterday afternoon was her fifth hunt and last available weekend...
  13. BJohnson

    Bow Yote

    I have been struggling so far this season to get a mature buck consistently on cam, let alone 25 yrds in front of me. When a pack of three yotes came through yesterday, I was hoping one would offer me a chance to draw my bow. This guy stopped perfect at 28 steps and the arrow hit its mark...
  14. BJohnson


    I am needing to integrate some form of blinds into a couple spots next year and have been trying to research the various options available. I have a cheap pop-up now and dislike the interior height limit - always seems like my bow shooting form is screwed up by my long torso build. As such, my...
  15. BJohnson

    Late Rut success

    Arrowed this buck on 11-26-16 at 0745. I grunted the buck in from about 85 yards away. Unfortunately his approach was straight at me and I had to take an aggressive shot at under 10 yards. The arrow hit where I was aiming but I also was sure I was not going to have an exit wound so blood...
  16. BJohnson

    Mount - 2015

    Archery 11-20-15:
  17. BJohnson

    11-20-15 Buck

    This buck was seen from the tree on 10-4. With the angle, I didn't appreciate how solid of a buck he was until he reached my food plot at 75 yards and I could look him over with a flatter angle through the binos. I was hunting a different buck early in the season seen on opening day. The...
  18. BJohnson

    Decent bucks

    A recent card pull:
  19. BJohnson

    Covert customer service

    A shout out to Covert - I just got off the phone with Covert concerning a cam I checked last night here in IA. Black 60 model. Opened the case to swap cards and water GUSHED out of the interior (including the SD card slot). Our area, like many, had two monster rains within the past 10 days...
  20. BJohnson

    Decent buck

    Here is one that showed up this past week.
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