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Search results

  1. gunrunr

    Rambo E-Bike - Electric Bicycle - Many Models in stock ready to go

    Savage for low end and Krusader AWD are the best sellers.
  2. gunrunr

    IBA Fall Festival

    Always the best shoot of the year. - Multiple targets from almost every stake - Auctions, Raffles and Entertainment - Novelty Shoots with prizes - Great food - Camping available on-site for the whole experience. - Come and shoot it over and over again!!!
  3. gunrunr

    New Novix (Lone wolf) stands & sticks at cost- PMA members…

    Skip is very correct that the supply chain is very tight and LOTS of things will be out of stock and DEEPLY backordered before season. This is a great price on stands - better jump on it. Also, if you want a bow, need arrows or broadheads, want new strings put on, etc - DO NOT WAIT - get to...
  4. gunrunr

    Rambo E-Bike - Electric Bicycle - Many Models in stock ready to go

    Prices can be negotiable and package deals can be made but Free probably not an option :cool: I am consistently hearing back from customers on how much they love their bikes and wishing they had purchased one earlier.
  5. gunrunr

    Rambo E-Bike - Electric Bicycle - Many Models in stock ready to go

    What do you want in an e-bike for hunting? - 750, 1000, 1500 or 3000 watts of power ?? - Mid-drive or All-Wheel-Drive ? - Front Suspension or Not ? - Derailleur shifter, Hub shifter or direct drive with no shifting ? - Black or Camo ? - or maybe just a little run-around bike to zip around town...
  6. gunrunr

    Rambo E-Bike - Electric Bicycle - Many Models in stock ready to go

    Rambo and Bakcou Electric bikes For Sale - Brand new 2021 models - full warranty - Prices start at $1799 - Sale Prices $1200- $1300 off on many models - Variety of models here in stock and ready to ride with more coming soon. - Available to see or test drive near Pella, Iowa - in shop sales...
  7. gunrunr

    Thermal scope

    We sell a lot of the ATN Thor Thermal scopes and handhelds and also a lot of night vision ones
  8. gunrunr

    4 Point Disappointment

    I have been waiting 27 years to draw a certain zone in Colorado for elk with a bow
  9. gunrunr

    Made in China vs. Made in USA

    Easton Arrows - Made in the USA (virtually all other arrows made out of country) Black Gold Sights and Tightspot Quivers - Made in the USA
  10. gunrunr

    Banks Outdoors Blinds now in stock at Buck Hollow

    Banks seal up really tight - not even the flies get in Only air vents are small and they even offer Activated Carbon filter you can place over them
  11. gunrunr

    LandPride 7' Rotary 3-point Mower

    Bought new in 2013 guessing it has less than 50 hours on it Can use Cat1 or Cat 2 or QuickHitch on it $2499
  12. gunrunr

    ATV Pull Behind Brush Mower

    Agri-Fab Rough Cut Pull Behind Mower - 14.5 HP Motor - Electric Start - Adjustable hitch to pull off to one side - Swinging hammer type blades like a bush hog mower to cut bigger stuff - $900
  13. gunrunr

    LandPride 7' Rotary 3-point Mower

    Land Pride RCR1884 - 7' Rotary Mower - 540 PTO hookup - Believe it is Cat2 3 point - Not mowed many acres - bought a 15' batwing a few years after I got this one and use it 95% of the time now - Stored indoors most of the time - $2600 Cash - Can be seen 2 miles west of Pella
  14. gunrunr

    What tape number at 285 FPS

    Sight tape is as much dependent on arrow weight and peep height as it is on speed - no shortcut to give you an exact number. Dial it in at 20 real well and then see where she hits at 50 - you'll soon know if you need a faster or slower sight tape.
  15. gunrunr

    Rambo & Bakcou Electric Fat Tired Bikes

    Demo bike sold but lots of other models are available
  16. gunrunr

    Rambo & Bakcou Electric Fat Tired Bikes

    Still has factory warranty until this fall and a killer price - offering it to IW first - only one available to first taker Rambo Roamer 750 Watt - Camo - Front Suspension- Front and rear fenders included - ONLY 8.9 miles on it!!! Good as new - $2100
  17. gunrunr

    Rambo & Bakcou Electric Fat Tired Bikes

    Just got in a like new Rambo Roamer from my rep - was a demo but still has warranty and under 10 miles on it. Over $1500 off
  18. gunrunr

    Rambo & Bakcou Electric Fat Tired Bikes

    No , they are not. I'm actually not aware of any brands of bikes like this made in the USA - if there is one I'd guess they are $7-$10,000. Even then, I'd be willing to bet 90% of the components of the bike would still be made overseas and they are only assembled here. I actually do a...
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