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Search results

  1. TimmyD525


    Question for guys that use ozone to see if anyone has tried this, but been wanting to get some form of an ozone machine to rid my clothes of odor on the go a little easier, question is does the ozone machine hunting bag combo have a specific advantage over a generic ozone machine just thrown in...
  2. TimmyD525

    Movement in the heat

    Hey guys last day of my pre rut vacation so hunting this afternoon no matter the weather. Curious everyone’s experience with movement of mature deer during heat early on in the rut? Normally where I hunt south winds always seem to kill deer movement, but with it being nov 3 hoping it trumps...
  3. TimmyD525

    question on Turkey broadheads

    Been trying to get my first bird using a bow the last few years, haven’t gone out and researched if I need a special broadhead or if my 1 1/4 fixed montecs I use on deer should work. I did get a shot two years ago on a bird with a montec and it just glanced off and stuck in the ground so I’m...
  4. TimmyD525

    Wicked Ridge Warrior Crossbow Package

    Hey all my dad is selling his wicked Ridge crossbow, 3 bolts, and hardcase with sling. Shot approximately 50 times. Asking for $350. Check out the photos on Craigslist here https://desmoines.craigslist.org/spo/d/mitchellville-wicked-ridge-crossbow/6969165327.html
  5. TimmyD525


    Been hearing a lot of people using dried Milkweed plants for a better wind indicator, but I can't seem to find information on how and when to find it here in Iowa. Anyone have experience or know anything about when and where to find it? Thanks
  6. TimmyD525

    Nov. 4th Success

    November 4th was my best day in the woods in the last 4 years. I was positioned at the end of a long draw that shaped like a funnel that runs east west at the small end of the funnel. Past the end of the funnel is another draw running north and south that meets the end of the draw I was...
  7. TimmyD525

    Capping a Deer

    Hey guys I just shot a deer last night I want to get mounted. I'm going to process the deer but I need to take it somewhere to get capped before the taxidermy. Anywhere around Des Moines that does this?? Thanks for the help
  8. TimmyD525

    Late Nov Movement

    Been hunting hard and can't get it all to come together. Hoping tomorrow or this weekend all the pieces come together. Haven't hunted this time of year much, what are your opinions on what bucks are doing this time of year and best locations to hunt morning vs evenings? Thanks for the advice
  9. TimmyD525

    Age & Score

    I call this buck goofy, had a weird looking rack in velvet but has developed nicely. You guys think he is a 4 1/2 year old? See the photo in the link below, having trouble getting the attachment to work for some reason.http://iowawhitetail.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=1980&pictureid=19342
  10. TimmyD525

    Fall turkey question?

    Anyone know if you can purchase a fall turkey tag if you also purchased a spring tag that same year? Thought it would be fun to have in the pocket while I'm in the tree stand. Thanks
  11. TimmyD525

    Blind Brushing In

    I have one of those metal pop out wall primos ground blinds, I want to try and brush in the top of the blind. What kind of methods does everyone use to get brush in the top of the blind above the windows? Thanks
  12. TimmyD525

    Grunt Calls & Rattling

    I've only been bow hunting the last two years so I'm still new and trying to learn how to do things most effectively. At what point in the season do you start using grunting and rattling sequences? I wondered last year if I was doing it too much or too often and scaring away some of the larger...
  13. TimmyD525

    Score guesses?

    I got this photo last fall, as far as I know he's still alive. Never saw him in daylight. What do you think roughly he scores?
  14. TimmyD525

    First bow kill

    Picture is below. Shot him on November 14th half hour before sunset. I had been hunting hard every weekend since beginning October and just could never be in the right spot at the right time. Saw numerous bucks larger than the one I shot but this one finally came within range and wasn't going to...
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