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Search results

  1. SaskGuy

    Disturbing trauma to a buck!!!

    Wow! I’m almost speechless. Ravens would devour that poor bugger here. Incredible toughness.
  2. SaskGuy

    My first early Oct buck - "Custer"

    Thanks Brent. We are and same to you. I lurk :) Good luck with rest of season
  3. SaskGuy

    My first early Oct buck - "Custer"

    Great looking deer Brent!!! Congrats.
  4. SaskGuy

    Old Buck. (Bighorn)

    I think he is 8.5 and he has always only been a buck I wished someone would shoot, looking the same since he was 4.5, an average 4x4. Not sure what happened this year but I am now glad nobody has and I would gladly do it. Last year...and every year basically since 2012. Back in...
  5. SaskGuy

    Slime Time

    Biggestbuck, we fish Keeley Lake as it is where we have a cabin. The kid just kept landing giant pike as summer went on. Glad you had a good trip up here to SK, it's underrated for fishing that is for sure.
  6. SaskGuy

    2016 Buck Pics

    Great pics, love the last couple bucks! Thanks for sharing
  7. SaskGuy

    BDAHMS hunt log

    Great thread idea. I believe I saw a trophy bucks of Iowa on Instagram, is that your page as well?
  8. SaskGuy

    Am I the only one?

    X2 And thank you for contributing to the site and giving people something to look at.
  9. SaskGuy

    October Target

    My boy gets to hunt this year. We have not found the one we started our search for but the consolation prize looks okay so far.
  10. SaskGuy

    Slime Time

    Another day at the office for my ginger.
  11. SaskGuy

    best place in country

    Seeing as how I don't have to exclude my home province I won't because that would be silly. Last weekend I talked to a 60 year old fellow from Montana, he was up at the lake we have a cabin at for his annual 3 week tenting on the lake, searching for a 30 pound pike trip. He told me he'd move...
  12. SaskGuy

    Slime Time

    It's that time of the year. 44" my oldest caught last weekend. I love the cabin life.
  13. SaskGuy

    Lake Michigan Coho

    That looks like a blast!!! Great times and great eats!
  14. SaskGuy

    Minnesota Fishing Trip Ideas

    Some good posts, like an active thread. I guess it is what you want to experience. I think Saskatchewan will get you far less night life/restaurants than you'd find in most places just due to the being farther north and more remote. I can say that I am fortunate enough to have a cabin at a lake...
  15. SaskGuy

    Minnesota Fishing Trip Ideas

    What exactly are you looking for? I obviously cannot on anywhere other than SK but there are lots of great options here if you ever get the itch to go a little further. By "looking for" I mean lodging, expectations in terms of fish (numbers and size).
  16. SaskGuy

    The Mount of Patches

    Took the words from my mouth!
  17. SaskGuy

    hf 2160 baiting

    I think in reality, we all know why, it is because that food plot will draw deer and if the dude next door cannot compete, more deer for the guy with resources etc to plant the plot. I am not going to stand on the side of either one being bad or good but am willing to call a spade a spade when...
  18. SaskGuy


    Great buck, congrats!
  19. SaskGuy

    Son's First Buck: Yes it might be a little long:)

    Beautiful deer, congrats!!! I hope I can make such a post next year.
  20. SaskGuy

    Oklahoma buck

    Wicked looking buck! Congrats.
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