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Search results

  1. Sligh1

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    My Brother just smoked a GIANT!!! I mean INCREDIBLE. I’m so proud of him. His close friend video’d the hunt for fun - can post that later. Perfect hunt filmed purely for memory. Got him. I promise you - this is a very big deer. Heads up …. I’ll post it HERE soon. At least pics …...
  2. Sligh1

    Learning never ends!!! Hickory nuts!!!

    Well- I can’t leave. I’m just sitting here. Pile of deer under me. Chomping shagbark hickory nuts!!!!! Ive never seen this. Destroying them!!!! First for me! I picked 12-15 hanging next to me. Through at the deer & hit about 3-4 shots on their backs. They chased them down to eat. I...
  3. Sligh1

    Your scent control methods, thoughts or list?

    I did a mediocre job tonight. I’ll be very clean later but I will pay very close attention to wind. I’m not PERFECT but I’m also not “smoking 12 cigarettes with wind going who knows where in same clothes I wore for 3 days straight”. I’d say on better end of control. Wind still trumps any...
  4. Sligh1


    K- I just got this. I’d say my hunting gear is almost all “high quality & on higher end of what hunting stuff costs”. Not saying that like older cheap stuff isn’t great (which I still have some & grew up on BASICS of hunting)…. Just so you know how I view gear NO BACKPACK I could find that...
  5. Sligh1

    Pine Rub Posts, 8' - would anyone buy these? IDEA.....

    Random.... Young guy I know has a source where he can cut 8' pine posts. Some other buddies of mine are paying him to spend a day with truck, trailer & chainsaw. Delivering the load South of Des Moines maybe 15 mins. He asked me "would it make any sense to make a big load to cover costs...
  6. Sligh1

    Entrances to treestands & blinds….

    Went over a farm with a good friend of mine. He had some spots on food plots & in timber he was having trouble with…. One spot on food - when he got out…. Blew everything on plot. Had to go. Had to get changed. The timber spots- he walked by & into bedding to get to them. On rare am hunt...
  7. Sligh1

    Most visible arrow fletching & wrap- alternative to lighted nocks?

    Sick of lighted nocks. I think I’ll use what I have & go back to no lighted nocks. Tried everyone & still disappointed. What’s best colors or methods to see arrows the best? A white wrap around fletching?? Certain colored fletching? Any other ideas or suggestions? Thx!
  8. Sligh1

    PMA big buck contest! 2021… details…

    Curtis posted this. I’ll copy & paste. We are going to also have a youth hunt prize & “best deer story” for a successful hunt (not score dependent). last year - we had $2k worth of prizes. A mount from Rheinertson taxidermy, Treestands, sticks, Buck Hollow gift card, etc. again- a lot of $...
  9. Sligh1

    Body size & health trail cam photo - 2 bucks…

    This popped up one picture after the other. Screenshot it. Just interesting. Some of it is like people….. bigger/smaller or skinny/fat or muscular, etc. u see this & notice in THIS example- the rack of the healthy big buck is bigger in this example. I wonder if the smaller deer maybe is...
  10. Sligh1

    Worst Army Worms I’ve ever seen - DESTRUCTION!! …..

    Growing ANYTHING always has a battle. Maybe you get those occasional years when things are “easy” but not the norm- always something. This year we’ve battled: coons worse than ever (I got depredation approved) & killed about 400+ in 45 days now. Drought on 2 occasions this year. my buddy an...
  11. Sligh1

    Youth Hunter Tactics, goals, ideas, etc???

    My situation: My boy is 11. This is his 4th year “being out or hunting with dad”…. He had 3 years of just coming with me while I pulled trigger. We only shot some select does. No bucks. Last year he got a big doe & an older 8 point buck. We hunted hard & did do a gun hunt as he’s fairly...
  12. Sligh1

    “Hunting shows” - net positive or negative?

    Im not taking a stand on one side or another. Want to see what folks say. I often have friends that like XYZ show & learn a lot from it. I used to watch hunting shows as a kid & when I was younger. I did really like them. I don’t watch them now as I’m just too busy. I will catch some...
  13. Sligh1

    Made a spot for hunting by corn field w/extra bonus..

    No good trees to hang. Tried it. Very hard- long story. I am a stand hunter 99%. Killed first blind buck last year here. Love the timber & prefer treestands, but this is a little change of pace. If anything - be a great doe spot with bow.
  14. Sligh1

    Surviving a LARGE ABSCESS! Happened…

    Watched this guy all 2020. He was all over me & walking by me anytime I hunted a certain area. I almost thought to have someone shoot him - his abscess was hanging out that much…. So- quickly - abscess is basically your guts spilling out of cavity & most said usually causes death reasonably...
  15. Sligh1

    Terrific Two’s! & some three’s u like to see!

    Here’s some fun ones. I love seeing these types of deer. I watched one many years ago start as a nice 115”-120” 2 year old & turn into 215 at 7 years old. They sure don’t always make it but here’s a few examples of some cool 2 & 3 year olds that caught my eye. Post some up if you’d like...
  16. Sligh1

    EHD & CWD - good video….

    Worth the 5 minutes. Beginner to expert on the subject- good!
  17. Sligh1


    Just walked door from long hot day of farm work. Popped into my head & just posted it. Kinda speaks for itself.
  18. Sligh1

    EHD management tactics….

    I’ve posted a million things on this over the years. Lil reminder…. Time is coming! There’s some folks that want to try practical approaches …. Others that don’t. All good. Clearly we have the CWD debate…. Not really looking to go there. But when areas in iowa have FACTUALLY lost 50-90%...
  19. Sligh1

    Mount Hanging - “Full Range Hanging Systems”

    K- Full Range Hanging Systems for mounts. Anyone have any thoughts? This looks sweet!! I do need more room & this looks good. What you all think? Clearly I’m not for or against. This video is for sure backing them. Seems cool. Love to see if it’s legit. What you think or hear?
  20. Sligh1

    Hunting for a specific buck??

    So- I’d say the last 7-8 seasons - I’ve chased a very specific buck. What’s been interesting to me….. very small core areas in about 50%+ of the cases. A ton of examples of this. All sorts of scenarios (tiny tillable farm w/lil timber or a 40-80 acre chunk that one big deer sticks around...
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