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Search results

  1. deadeye


    Looking for thoughts on a lightweight 4-5 arrow quiver that has dual grippers that easily attached and detaches from the bow as I like taking it off when in the blind. Shoot a HHA slider style sight so I don't want one that sticks out too far from the bow. Looking at low cost options. Kind of...
  2. deadeye

    Elevated blind???

    With the popularity of elevated blinds for deer hunting I was curious if anybody turkeys hunts out of them? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  3. deadeye

    Deer cast app

    Thoughts on if anybody uses the Drury deer cast app? People who do are you paying subscriber's or just using the free version? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  4. deadeye


    Appears I might have a little pokeweed growing in one spot. Is this stuff desired at all for anything or if it best to kill it? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  5. deadeye

    Ideal stand setup

    If you could describe your ideal stand setup on paper what would it be? Field edge or in timber? Ridge top, valley, or in between? Looking up hill or down? Stand aimed at what direction? NESW? Shooting lane to what o'clock direction at what yardage? Looking where deer come from or going towards...
  6. deadeye

    Redneck blind?

    Been thinking about getting a box blind to entice the kids into hunting or going out now and then. Don't have much gear like 4 wheeler and trailer. Probably need it delivered. Where would anybody recommend getting one from? Direct from redneck or another source? Near cedar rapids. Thanks Sent...
  7. deadeye


    Not quite sure what to make of this except it sure looks suspicious. Looks fresh. Looks like he was spined and dropped without a struggle. Guessing a 3.5 possibly. Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  8. deadeye

    Best ladder stands?

    What are your thoughts on the best ladder stands to bowhunt out of? Something safe that won't break the bank. Flip up seat to get closer to the tree would be nice. Also a decent platform would be good. Seems that is what is lacking on so many of them. Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  9. deadeye


    Trying to get cover going over septic drainage field. Sedge was there before septic. Planted clover and have been mowing for weed control. Knocked back the grass with Clethodim. That is hard to find... Thoughts on best control for the sedge? Guessing I don't want it. Mow and sedgehammer? Will...
  10. deadeye

    Clover - when to plant?

    So I have an acreage between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. I have about 2 acres on top on a ridge. Some of it is house yard. I have some grass with a little bit of clover in the yard. The yard is thin. I am planning on overseeding Dutch White Clover yet this fall (instead of grass seed) in...
  11. deadeye


    Working on some timber cleanup. Forester walked the property with us. Indicated it isn't invasive and to leave it. Wondering what thoughts are of this in the timber? Good for anything? Critter's like it for anything? Keep it or cut it??? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. deadeye

    Rifle scope - 450 bushmaster

    Looking for opinions on a decent (not super expensive) scope for a 450 bushmaster. Probably shoot paper at longer ranges than actual deer. Have 3-9x40 on muzzleloader. Was thinking about bumping up to a 4-12 for this gun. Was thinking the Vortex Diamondback would be a good scope for the...
  13. deadeye


    So with all the talk of people not liking the Hornady SST muzzleloader bullets that got me curious. Are people finding the same issues with the SST shotgun slugs? Also does anybody shoot the Hornady XTP bullets and have opinions on them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. deadeye

    Too late?

    Final grade was just done on our property. Used a power rake and it is bare dirt. Is it too late to seed white clover? Be better to frost seed at this point? Thoughts?
  15. deadeye

    What kind of grass is this one?

    This stuff gets pretty thick. It was mowed about 6 weeks ago or so. This stuff worth leaving?
  16. deadeye

    What kind of grass is this?

    Any idea what kind of grass this is? Need to get rid of it? OK to leave it??? Seems to get pretty thick if not mowed for awhile.
  17. deadeye

    Planting over a leach field?

    So I know trees are not a good idea to plant over a septic leach field. What is actually OK to plant over a leach field? I was contemplating clovers or some mix of prairie grasses flowers. Then I was thinking any of the deeper rooted prairie grasses (little bluestem or taller) would probably...
  18. deadeye

    Cam settings?

    What are guys favorite settings? Pic vs video? Delay between pics? Video length? Number of pics shot at once? Interested in what other like compared to what I have been doing. I mainly do pics with one shot and short delay. Just started playing with video but not sure what video settings...
  19. deadeye

    Backyard wildlife habitat???

    My wife and I have purchased an 8.5 acres lot that borders more timber. We have about 6 acres in the forest reserve program that somebody started before we bought the lot. We are currently building a house on the property. The backyard has more cleared that could be mowed than what we need...
  20. deadeye

    Looking for

    Looking for a STAN Shootoff!TL Quattro Release Large Blackout. If anybody has one and is looking to get rid of it let me know. Have a Medium and love it but can't use it deer hunting with a glove on. Index finger knuckle gets too tight. Hoping the Large will allow me to use it with a glove...
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