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Search results

  1. Elitebowhunter

    6x6 The Legend Continues

    First came to know this deer back in 2012 when he was a 2.5 or 3.5 year old. I only encountered him once during bow season that year and gave him the pass. Then 2013 came around and he exploded. However, I was going after a much larger deer so I put 6x6 on the back burner. Come...
  2. Elitebowhunter

    Best Trail Cam Picture

    They don't have to be huge to make for a good photo.
  3. Elitebowhunter

    Take a stab age/score

    Almost to Oct 1st. just passing some time. First encountered this buck last year and passed at 40 yards. He has not changed a whole lot this year. Still a nice looking 10 point. Whats your guesses on age and score? I'm thinking 4yr old and around 145. blurry but gives you a side view...
  4. Elitebowhunter


    wow.. Screams 2 year old to me. Looks like he has been eating well....Hope he can make it another two-three years as he may turn into something special.
  5. Elitebowhunter

    Mineral Sites Dried Up

    Anyone else? Seems like the bucks have moved to the corn now that it is tall. How are you guys going about getting pictures during this time of the year? I got 5 cameras moved from the mineral sites to bean fields. The other cameras I still have on the mineral licks. Would like to keep...
  6. Elitebowhunter


    Sidekick is a buck I came across last year after running some trail cameras on my family's ground. This is him June 8th of this year. The growth over the last two or so weeks isn't what I was hoping for but he should still turn out nice.
  7. Elitebowhunter

    Rhino Lid Cam

    Has anyone tried this product? Looks like it would be fairly easy to use. http://rhinoutdoors.com/product-details.php?prodid=13
  8. Elitebowhunter

    Possible Record NT Falls Short

    from boone & crockett.... Beck Buck Comes in as #2 NT Hunter-taken Whitetail. The scoring procedure has been reviewed and after tine classification was verified this deer scores an amazing 305 7/8. Three tines originally scored as normal were deemed abnormal. On this particular head it...
  9. Elitebowhunter

    Muzzleloader Help

    I have a year to plan this but I want some input from you guys. I have been telling myself that this is my last shotgun season for awhile and today was the last straw. I am tired of having all the competition from other hunters during shotgun season. I am going to be getting a muzzleloader but...
  10. Elitebowhunter

    some of my favorites..

    I posted about this buck a few weeks ago getting some input on his age..here is the picture again.. Here is the latest picture of him.. He does look like a 3yr old now here are some others
  11. Elitebowhunter

    Passing Bucks

    Over my hunting career I have transformed into more of a "trophy hunter" rather than shoot the first buck I see. I have shot a good amount of 140-150 inch deer but over the last 4 or 5 years I have been a little more picky (passing anything under 140). This year I told myself to pass anything...
  12. Elitebowhunter

    That time of month?

    .... i mean deer hunting Would anyone else say we are in the october lull yet? I went out tonight. Yes it was warm, but there was a light drizzle/rain the whole time in the stand and did not see one deer. Thinking it is time for me to get my traps and what not ready for the trapping season...
  13. Elitebowhunter

    2 or 3 yr old?

    nice buck, no mass though. The picture of the buck facing the cam made me think 3 yr old then the side view makes me think only 2 year old....any guesses
  14. Elitebowhunter

    Not JUST a Deer.

    I am not having a good summer with trail cameras. I am letting a buddy hunt one of my family farms this year and just so happens that the farm I am letting him hunt is holding the largest buck! 160s or170s?
  15. Elitebowhunter

    Record Farm Auction

    Can you imagine spending millions? (Griswold) A piece of bare farmland land located near Griswold brought a record setting price last week. Steve Bergren, of Bergren Real Estate and Auction, of Griswold, sold a 156-taxable acre, 152.4 cropland acre, 85 CSR ridge farm southeast...
  16. Elitebowhunter

    Where Were You?

    As we all know tomorrow is Sept 11th. I am sure most of you remember where you were and what you were doing when you first found out about the attacks. I was sitting in class taking a math test when the principal came over the intercom and had all teachers meet at the cafeteria. The rest of...
  17. Elitebowhunter

    3, 2, 1

    Still have yet to get a shooter on camera this year but thought i would share these two pictures. Thought it was pretty neat since you have your 3 year old 2 year old and 1 year old.
  18. Elitebowhunter

    Earl Dibbles Jr.

    Alright, who else has seen this? Awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCVTq-UW2h4&playnext=1&list=PL952915B27DC04371&feature=results_main
  19. Elitebowhunter

    Elite Answer Vs Pulse

    I am thinking of getting another elite bow. I am currently using the judge (been a awesome bow, thanks limb) But i am looking to upgrade. I shot the answer at the classic this past spring and almost bought one that day. I am wondering what you guys that shoot elite think. The answer or the...
  20. Elitebowhunter

    Couple Bucks

    Some of you may remember the drop tine buck I posted on here a few weeks ago. Just checked the trail cam again this evening and got two new bucks on it. Or I think they are both new. Do you think they are both mature? The tight racked buck seems like he has a lot of mass but that could be just...
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