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Search results

  1. SaskGuy

    Old Buck. (Bighorn)

    I think he is 8.5 and he has always only been a buck I wished someone would shoot, looking the same since he was 4.5, an average 4x4. Not sure what happened this year but I am now glad nobody has and I would gladly do it. Last year...and every year basically since 2012. Back in...
  2. SaskGuy

    October Target

    My boy gets to hunt this year. We have not found the one we started our search for but the consolation prize looks okay so far.
  3. SaskGuy

    Slime Time

    It's that time of the year. 44" my oldest caught last weekend. I love the cabin life.
  4. SaskGuy

    North of the border bucks

    In the spirit of sharing I'll show some that I hope are around next year. Some will be, some won't and I can't do a damn thing about it. He's 5.5, never grew a bunch.
  5. SaskGuy

    Still packing.

    Most are still packing antlers here. It is a balmy -45 F here this morning. January sucks.
  6. SaskGuy

    Bigger than any whitetail I've shot

    Shot him on the 10th. Hung for a few days then butchered,..until the 18th. Time to start looking for deer again.
  7. SaskGuy

    Bucks for the future

    I seem to have a good supply of younger bucks. Hopefully a couple of these are still kicking down the road a couple years when my oldest is able to hunt. This year class seems to have wintered better than all of the rest.
  8. SaskGuy

    Need Help

    Everywhere I look this year it seems I have a buck or bucks that look similar to another. I am having a tough time deciding if this is the buck I think it is and if his rack is as high as I think it is. :o
  9. SaskGuy

    Guess I'll get a fall bear tag

    Get quite a few on the cams in the summer, this guy is bigger than the rest. I'd smoke him if he walked by me while hunting deer.
  10. SaskGuy

    Another one that didn't grow

    Damn hard winters. Last year.
  11. SaskGuy

    Beautiful Brook Trout

    Reid caught and released this beauty yesterday. It was one of 50 rainbows and brook trout we caught.
  12. SaskGuy

    Sask Sheds

    I'm slowly trading out ones never pulled from their pile for memories in the form of fishing with my kids. If anything in this pic interests anyone pm me an offer. If it is remotely fair we'll have a deal. The set with the abnormals in the back left is somewhere in that 150 range for reference...
  13. SaskGuy

    Old BUck

    This buck has been around for a few years. I think this is the best he has ever been even though I think he is at least 6, maybe more. He has been an 8, then a 7, then a 7 again, now back to an 8 again. I wish my oldest was allowed to hunt because this buck needs to go. Last yr.
  14. SaskGuy

    Bucks, yr to yr

    I have managed to find quite a few bucks that I found last year, of course not the one I wanted to most. Once they get out of the run of the mill 2.5 yr old stage they are usually easy for me to i.d. I am having trouble with this buck from last yr.
  15. SaskGuy

    He's still kickin'

    Old Devil Points as the kids and I call him. Wasn't sure he made winter but he showed up this week finally on a salt block.
  16. SaskGuy

    Incredible weekend of fishing in Sask.

    Late ice off pushed my first trip of the season to the cabin back a week. I took Friday off and headed for the cabin. Prepared for the center of friendly banter and all sorts of lies.
  17. SaskGuy

    Barrel Cam

    He's having his way with it. I won't actually hang a stand unless a giant black or a really big color that makes the 50 gallon drum look like a pop can.:)
  18. SaskGuy

    Trophy Room.

    Being it was -50 yesterday, the boys and I tore through the trophy room and rearranged it somewhat. It doubles as a mini stick hockey rink so it is far from what I envision it will one day be. However, kids are only young once and one day I will have much more room to work with. I'm posting...
  19. SaskGuy


    They say about March,. "In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb.". Here's hoping. Converted to Fahrenheit, we are a balmy -65 tomorrow morning.
  20. SaskGuy

    New Mount 2012 Buck.

    It's definitely a sickness. I should have been a taxidermist. I'm worried my walls will one day fall down.:D
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