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Search results

  1. jmarshall3232

    2020 Shotgun Deer

    My mount is almost ready! Can't wait to get my hands on him! Should be about another 3-4 weeks and he'll be home!
  2. jmarshall3232

    Online Ammo

    What is the best option for online ammo?
  3. jmarshall3232


    Can someone re-post the link to the aerial imagery and topography website again. I thought I bookmarked it in my browser and now cant find it. I know its been posted several times so sorry for the repetitiveness. Thanks!!!
  4. jmarshall3232

    Hunting Public Land

    I dont post often on this site, but I was wondering if I could get tips, opinions or ideas on hunting public land. Primarily my group and I would hunt public land to fill in between our few private spots we have for shotgun season. We have a small group (5-6) people so we just do a lot of...
  5. jmarshall3232

    Cedar River Fishing

    Just curious if anyone is having any luck on the Cedar River between Center Point and Cedar Rapids. I havent heard any reports yet and have'nt been able to get a hole of any one at the local DNR office. Mainly I just want to know if the Cats are biting yet and if so, what bait? Thanks!!
  6. jmarshall3232

    Chasing Flatheads

    I was just wanting to see what techniques all you guys use for catching Mr. Whiskers. I have been running lines since I was 10 or so with my dad, so that has become our summer tradition. We usually start in late May or early June and stop in mid to late September. Post pics if you want, I...
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