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  1. C

    The "orange army"

    Drove through nw West Virginia today. Must be rifle season here. Close to every 10 th vehicle we met was a truck towing an atv or utv loaded with hunting gear. Or dead deer, saw several decent for this area. Also apparently its ok to park along the interstate and walk up the mountain to hunt out...
  2. C

    Can you catch Covid from a whitetail deer ?

    From what I have read no worries. But definitely gut and butcher for them if they are worried about it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. C


    I had neighbors like that. Bring home whole litter of pups and let them run wild. They had a beagle that ran so hard it starved to death. Too bad you can’t SSS the owners. You have more patience than alot of people with this problem Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. C

    Wanted to buy

    I have a CZ 20 guage semi auto I need to sell. Would be willing to make a good deal for a kid. Also have some sheds to sell if your still buying. Text or call 641-660-5808 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. C

    The "orange army"

    I guess our group is lucky we still have more ground to hunt than we need. Part of growing up and living in the same neighborhood all your life. Definitely not sole permission on all of it but that’s fine. Our group shoots alot of does and the occasional nice buck, young bucks get a pass. This...
  6. C

    One lung hit

    I hit one like that several years ago. He walked about 30 yds and left a pool of blood bigger than that then walked off. I went in to track him the next morning and ran into him up and grazing in a pasture about 100 yds from where I hit him. I ended up killing the buck with the help of a buddy a...
  7. C


    Those of us that grew up in the country raising livestock know the answer. Neighbors get one or two warnings. It sucks but some people have no respect for their neighbors or pets.
  8. C

    Albino Deer

    One of my summer workers had video of him earlier this year. very cool looking buck
  9. C

    Short Season-My Lifetime Buck

    Heck of a buck, congratulations. Now you have the rest of the year to kill coyotes, man I hate those things
  10. C

    Iowa Timber rattle snakes- Seem to be on the rise?

    My Dad's old boss's daughter got bit by one by New Sharon a few years ago. Was life flighted to Iowa City, the local hospital said they were the only hospital in the state with anti venom. The girl was riding a 4 wheeler down a gravel road and ran over the snakes tail, it whipped around and bit...
  11. C

    Toxic waste muck hole turned into a nice pond!!!!

    Smallmouth and perch should work in your pond, lots of guys on pond boss doing that mix. The bacteria and pond dye I mentioned on another thread should keep it clean and looking good for 2-300 bucks a year.
  12. C

    Toxic waste muck hole turned into a nice pond!!!!

    Deffinately needs a dock of some sort and one of those floating foam pond mats once its full. If its primarily a swimming pond I would be hesitant to add bluegill, those little suckers can bite you harder than you think.
  13. C

    What should I do for this pond moss?

    Copper sulfate will knock it back short term. Too many nutrients is the problem. Thiesens sells a sludge buster product that is active bacteria that digests the nutrients in your pond. I use that and the blue dye to keep the UV light out and my pond stays clean. Not cheap but worth it to me as...
  14. C

    WTB- big culvert tube- 6-8’ x 30-35’

    our county road department buys old rail road tank cars and cuts the ends out for culverts. Not sure where they get them or cost but might be an option
  15. C

    Big sheds- dead deer, part of skull attached...

    My guess would be he died with the antlers on but very close to shedding. probably knocked off and carted a little ways by the coyotes after he died. I would agree the deep pedicle had something to do with it. Did he keep the skull and clean it up?
  16. C

    Morels??? Update..

    Been dry here for two weeks, still managed to find one tree that popped up 40-50 nice big greys on tuesday. Looks like some widespread rain late this weekend, that should get them growing next week.
  17. C

    Anyone have an old King Kutter Rotary Mower for parts?

    I have two that should work. I'm in the pella area, you can have them if that's not to far for you. 641-660-5808
  18. C

    Anyone have an old King Kutter Rotary Mower for parts?

    Can you snap a picture of the mower? I have three junk bush hogs at my Dad's I'm getting ready to scrap
  19. C

    High & Tight

    beautiful mount for a cool looking buck
  20. C

    DIY euro pedestal mount

    I wanted to create something unique to display this buck. I wondered around my timber and found an old dead moss covered hedge tree that had the shape I was after. Grabbed a live edge cherry slab off my scrap pile for the base and played around until I had the height and angles right. Lag bolted...
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