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Search results

  1. Tmayer13

    Fimco spreader

    It works $50 Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  2. Tmayer13

    2017 H&H 6610

    Trailer is in good shape. Has spare $1000 obo Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  3. Tmayer13

    2020 Can Am Outlander XT 850 For Sale

    Bought last summer off the show room floor. Broke in the engine EXACTLY as the manual says. Has normal, Work, and Sport mode. Midnight edition. This thing has crazy power and flat out flies! It will pull the front wheels off the ground! Always had premium fuel in it. Had a seat cover since new...
  4. Tmayer13

    I tried to build a water hole

    Well the one issue with the new farm is there NO water on it at all. I drove down into an area that I put a clover plot in and found a little standing water on Saturday. I looked it over pretty hard and with the grade of the ground and the fact that there was already some water there I decided...
  5. Tmayer13

    Great weekend of habitat work!

    Had a guy pulling cedars....he got about 12 acres pulled which equated to several thousands trees being removed. This new field is going to be beautiful in the upcoming season and years to come! Also burnt off some old grass in a kill ploy and then seeded some white and red clovers! This little...
  6. Tmayer13

    Atv Attachments for sale

    Sold Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  7. Tmayer13

    Antler dropping on camera

    This is first for me. All the years I've ran cameras I have yet to see a deer shed an antler on camera. Friday we were at the in-laws when the cell cam started going off...I watched the whole thing via pics, I was super excited and they were less then thrilled...took my boy out Saturday to go...
  8. Tmayer13

    In search of farm/land to buy....

    I’m looking for about 30-80 acres in Clarke, Decatur, Ringgold, Wayne, Lucas, Union Counties....not saying we wont look in others, but those would be preferred. So if anyone knows of anything coming up and could let me know that would be great! thanks
  9. Tmayer13

    Boomless sprayers

    I currently have a 40 gal sprayer I use on my ATV. It has a 3 nozzle boom and does the job but I would like to get done a little faster and not run over so much crop while spraying...I know boomless can do 20-30'...but I have no clue what to get or look at...do I need a different pump? If...
  10. Tmayer13

    BRAND NEW! Polaris Ranger

    2020 Polaris Ranger 570 4x4 Never driven other than loading and unloading. Full one year warranry MSRP 10,199$ Priced to sell $9,000 obo Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  11. Tmayer13

    TC Encore fs

    TC encore pro hunter. Aftermarket Bergara barrel. Nikon Inline XR with one piece scope mount. Trigger work has been done to it. Will come with blackhorn 209 Barnes tmz and 209 primers. Ready to shoot set up. Asking 500 obo Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  12. Tmayer13

    Mathews Halon 32 for sale

    It's my fathers bow and he has had a torn tricep so I would bet it hasn't had 200 arrows through it. EVII 60/28.5 HHA QAD Scott Shark release matching Mathews quiver 5 arrows Bow case Basically a ready to hunt setup! The bow is located in Michigan but if someone is really interested I can get...
  13. Tmayer13


    I'll keep it short and to the point as I'm nursing a bit of a hangover from the post hunt festivities! Passed this guy last year numerous times. Found both of his sheds this spring. Planned my whole season and habitat work for this one deer. Had 3 straight encounters with him but he never came...
  14. Tmayer13

    Brassica planting times

    So I learned brassica planting dates like most on this site from Double tree. I have always followed his timing of planting around the end of July and always had beautiful large lush brassicas. Today I was listening to a podcast where they were talking with someone from Real World wildlife seed...
  15. Tmayer13


    Hey guys I am just seeing what guys are using for releases? I am currently recovering from target panic(BAD) and went from a wrist style caliper release to a thumb style. My thumb style is just a cheapo and is not very smooth... Scheels carries a few Carter releases but there are tons of them...
  16. Tmayer13

    Free corn

    I have 12 bags of corn that someone can have...all good corn it's in test plot type bags so not the 50 lb bags...located in Adel...someone please get this stuff out of my garage...year old Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  17. Tmayer13

    Late Muzzy buck

    Well this late season has had several downs, I hit and wounded the same buck twice in consecutive weekends and obviously never recovered the deer but did see him still alive. Had some hunts ruined by coyotes. And the weather well was less than subpar. But I stayed after it and was able to...
  18. Tmayer13

    Verizon go cam

    Has anyone ever bought a Verizon go Cam and tried to set it up without having Verizon as a carrier? I just received this camera as a gift and Verizon fought me saying they do not support these cams any longer. This is the 4G cam that was just purchased within the last week.... Sent from my moto...
  19. Tmayer13

    Adel Anytime Fitness

    Im assuming the guy is on here, but I work out at the Anytime Fitness in Adel. I have seen a guy numerous time wearing an Outreach Outdoors T-shirt there while working out. Just seeing if that guy is on here? Thanks
  20. Tmayer13

    Speed loaders

    I currently have the regular ole speed loaders...they work ok but when using them with loose powder sometimes the bullet comes pushing out and powder goes all over and we'll it sucks...so what's everyone else using? I saw this one on Amazon and it looks pretty sweet... Sent from my moto g(6)...
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