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Search results

  1. Liv4Rut

    Not a deer, but I am pretty happy anyway...

    Awesome congrats!! I had a big bobcat come in tonight but no shot. Maybe tomorrow
  2. Liv4Rut

    Early rutting Action????

    Dad had a 160s chasing a huge doe in backyard this morning. Could have killed it multiple times off deck. She must be close but was a giant doe.
  3. Liv4Rut

    Owen's first deer

    Congrats Owen!! That is awesome zach! I cannot wait until my kids hunt with me. Getting closer ?
  4. Liv4Rut

    Scent Crusher

    I might buy one simply to keep the smells down in my car. I go to rendering and wastewater plants quite often. Many days my car smells so bad it will choke a maggot. Be a good test anyways to see how well it works.
  5. Liv4Rut

    Sons First Deer

    Great looking unique buck there!! Congrats to all!
  6. Liv4Rut

    Easton 1st Deer

    Awesome Job!! sounds like a great time!
  7. Liv4Rut

    Drew is on the board!

    Awesome, congrats!
  8. Liv4Rut

    Best High Power Pellet Guns for Kids, & .22 vs .17??

    I had a Benjamin 392 pump 22 cal shooting 685fps growing up. Killed birds, rabbits, squirrels, racoon's, opposums, muskrats etc with it. A 22cal is a must as it has much more pop to it. I bought the same gun in 177 cal and even though faster I was disappointed. There are a ton of great options...
  9. Liv4Rut

    New Flintlock Longrifle

    Awesome looking gun there!! Beautiful work as always!!!
  10. Liv4Rut

    Iowa Whitetail App

    I have a droid turbo and never can see pictures. Drives me crazy but still can use browser I guess.
  11. Liv4Rut

    Making the perfect treestand

    I remember hunting out of an old loc on stand with a plastic platform. Horrendous noise popping during the cold months. Was light though.
  12. Liv4Rut

    If you could do it over again .

    If I could do it all over again I would stay single, move into the parents after college, pay off student loans to get debt free, put a ton of money in the bank, hunt the world with my old man, buy ground then who knows what. :) On a more serious note, I recall the first 10-15 years of my...
  13. Liv4Rut

    Thoughts on cabelas Outfitter or O2 Octane camo?

    I have the cabelas berber fleece with windshear pullover and love it. I think they have the same thing in wooltimate. 45 degrees is still fairly chilly in the tree and the pullover works great. I pretty much use it all season once it gets below about 55 degrees down to below zero with layers...
  14. Liv4Rut

    Pole saw/Tree trimmer

    I had the wicked hand saw for quite awhile and eventually lost it. It really didn't impress me much. A $20 10 inch Corona Razor Tooth will blow it out of the water from a cutting perspective. I have a hooeyman that I don't really like. I do like the looks of the wicked pole saws which I want to...
  15. Liv4Rut

    Reconyx Microfire - Take My Money Please

    I suspect you simply turn on mobile hotspot when you are within 100 feet to set up a wireless connection from your phone to the camera. From there you could download pics and change settings. If you could drive close enough to it say from your pickup you wouldn't have to get out of truck to...
  16. Liv4Rut

    Mobile tree stand setups

    One change I made is I switched to the blind hog gear hog pack and it will hold everything I can dream of for a days hunt plus highly organized. You can also hang it from an S hook so the pack is open flat against the tree and all the pockets are right there. I usually just hang it from the main...
  17. Liv4Rut


    Dream fish there!! Congrats!!
  18. Liv4Rut

    Mobile tree stand setups

    I don't but those lonewolf extension straps are definitely worth their weight in gold when you encounter a big tree. Saved me many times!!
  19. Liv4Rut

    Mobile tree stand setups

    I converted all my lw \ xop stands to the molle system this past year. Works much better than my badlands 2200. The only thing I do different is keep all my straps in a small bag that nestles next to sticks. I also use a blind hog gear hog pack on the other side of sticks. I love that little...
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