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Search results

  1. fatboy

    Early lockdown?

    12 different bucks by my stand from 2-5:30 Saturday night, four which I would consider mature.
  2. fatboy

    Ground kill

    Congrats BJ!!
  3. fatboy

    About to be a bunch of Magic happening

    Start vacation today at 10:30am, looking forward to cold temps and 10 days in the stand!
  4. fatboy

    Story/Boone County Area

    Very good area, especially if you are willing to walk in deep instead of hunting close to the parking areas. And if you have access to boat even better.
  5. fatboy

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    Congrats to your brother Skip!! You are doing everything right to grow these awesome bucks!
  6. fatboy

    What broadheads you use?

    QAD Exodus here. Exodus Standard | Quality Archery Designs (qadinc.com)
  7. fatboy

    Arctic Shield

    I have the boot blankets also, mine are probably 30 years old. Easy to pack in on those really cold days in the stand.
  8. fatboy

    Skip's bow buck

    Another awesome job Brian!
  9. fatboy

    State auction

    They heard the complaints and have moved it back to the Iowa State Fairgrounds. But we still need a auction company from Iowa to do this next year.
  10. fatboy


    Welcome to the group!
  11. fatboy

    Done Lurking

    Welcome to the group!
  12. fatboy

    New guy

    Welcome, great group of guys on here.
  13. fatboy

    New Mexico NR Elk hunting......anyone have experience or knowledge

    If you attend the Classic this weekend, there is usually some outfitters from New Mexico attending.
  14. fatboy

    Online Ammo

    Ammo - Gunprime
  15. fatboy

    Gun Vault

    I have had a couple of the American Security Safes. A friend of mine owns a company that sell them. They have a good fire rating, and what sold me was the had one in their showroom that had been in a fire. The guy that owned it had a lot of cash inside and was worried that it would be destroyed...
  16. fatboy

    Done Lurking

    Welcome to the site.
  17. fatboy

    Bowmar at it again....

    Plus you can see them also on the Iowa DNR app.
  18. fatboy

    Safety harness?

    Muddy here, it does have bino holding capabilities, but have not used it.
  19. fatboy

    Taxidermy recommendations anyone???

    Was very happy with Brian's work at Reinertson Custom Taxidermy!
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