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Search results

  1. Sod Savage

    Sir Walter

  2. Sod Savage

    CWD Hits close to home

    Like on our farm, right in the middle of it... Kind of sucks but it is what is, we will have to sit back and see what happens next. Deer camp might have to change to Ice Fishing camp. I don't know.
  3. Sod Savage

    Water Cress

    I am not really sure what forum to put this under so I will just thro it out here. Does anyone know for sure if deer eat water cress this time of year? I came across a spring that was just loaded with water cress. It was lush and green. There were two big trails leading to the spring, but...
  4. Sod Savage

    Late Season Muzz

    Is anyone planning on doing something a little different if it doesn't get cold and snowy over the next couple weeks? I am afraid the big boys will stay nocturnal or not even come to the food plots I grew for them this summer. I am thinking some 2 or three man still hunts might be the way to...
  5. Sod Savage

    First time with a Bow.

    Well I am not really sure where to even start. I have been a gun hunter my whole hunting life and had some pretty good luck with it. I always had a hard time waiting till gun seasons to open up and always was disappointed when the closed. So I took up bow hunting this year. I have a lot of...
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