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Search results

  1. Liv4Rut

    Turkey Season Recap

    Hey guys, just thought I would share my stories. The last time I tried I couldn't post photos for some reason. Opening day started with a hunt with my buddy Scott. I had a bow and he had a gun. We were set up in a secluded alfalfa field surrounded by timber. A lot of gobbling in the morning but...
  2. Liv4Rut

    Deer Antler Ring

    Hey Guys, I thought this was pretty cool. I was talking to one my customer's yesterday and I noticed a unique ring he was wearing. It turns out that he makes rings made out of deer antlers. It was amazing how smooth he had it polished up and it looked awesome. I think I am going to buy one to...
  3. Liv4Rut

    SS Savage 220 Forest Camo

    I finally broke down and bought a boyd's thumbhole for my savage 220 in forest camo and love the way it looks. I thought I would share a picture of it. The stock dropped right in perfect and it feels great in the hands! Now if I could just find a stainless trigger guard for it.
  4. Liv4Rut

    LW Wide Sit & Climb stand

    Hi Guys, I have a barely used lone wolf Wide Sit and climb climber for sale. I upgraded the seat to the silent seat and also added the 3rd hand man stabilizer straps which are the best I have seen. They are rock solid. The stand has been in the tree less than a dozen times. It does have some...
  5. Liv4Rut

    Great Weekend!

    It was a great weekend with my dad and I both taking birds. Saturday morning it was just dad and I. We drove the truck right out in the middle of the field and dropped all of our stuff off. My dad ditched the truck while I set up shot. Man I love private ground!! There were a few birds going...
  6. Liv4Rut

    Meathunter & Liv4Rut Bow Double

    Meathunter (Robin) and I had a great hunt this morning. We met at 4:15am and it was pouring rain and lightning in the distance. Not a great feeling but the weather man claimed it would be done at 6. We drove to the spot and sat in the rain in the car until 5:20. We set up the blind and dekes...
  7. Liv4Rut

    Millennium G100 Blind chair

    I just picked up one of these chairs for blind hunting. Talk about awesome!! It is the comfiest blind chair I have ever sat in. Quiet as a church mouse, it is on a swivel, packs down nice, fully adjustable legs and only weighs 7lbs. It will make your wallet lighter but totally worth it to me...
  8. Liv4Rut

    Double Bull T5 Import

    I have a like new Double Bull T5 import blind for sale. The blind must have the light weight rods in it as it is lighter than my other T5 import and much lighter than my dark horse. It seems similar in weight to my old T2. There are no holes or tears in the blind. I did remove a couple of...
  9. Liv4Rut

    2014 Bow Mount Back

    I just picked up my 2014 bow buck today. Chris Hoenig out of Riverside, Ia did the work and I think it turned out great! Thanks Chris!!
  10. Liv4Rut

    Dad's Late Muzz Buck

    My dad shot this great buck tonight. First time he has ever seen him. Got to love what moves in after shotgun season. Grossed 164 3/8 and the right G2 was 14 inches long. Congrats Dad!!
  11. Liv4Rut

    rock climbing harness vs full body

    Has anyone made the switch to a rock climbing harness over the traditional full body harness? I think I am going to make the switch. I really like the thought of falling facing the tree and suspension trauma is not an issue with them. I suppose if you do it right you should never fall lower...
  12. Liv4Rut

    Gun Buck

    I went with a few buddies down South to some public ground hunting this weekend and ended up shooting the buck below. Saturday was pretty quiet as far as people hunting. I had a 140s and bigger buck give me the slip in the evening. The next morning I went into the center of the place where a...
  13. Liv4Rut

    Dad's Buck

    My Dad shot this brute this morning. The morning started off with 3 dink's rolling by. Shortly after this guy came cruising through about 75 yards out. A couple grunts later he came in on a string where my dad lanced him with a Rage at 30 yards. He also shot it out of the same tree I shot my...
  14. Liv4Rut

    2014 Bow Buck

    I shot a nice 10 pointer today. It was a short but sweet season. Tuesday was the first day I could hunt for a buck and sat from morning till 2pm and saw 3 dinks and a doe. This morning I sat in a buddies stand, who is tagged out, that is in a little woodlot connecting two large chunks of timber...
  15. Liv4Rut

    Momma O Scores!

    Early last week my mom shot her personal best in many years of hunting. It is the 3rd deer she has taken. I believe it was last Tuesday it was a windy rainy day and my dad had to work late. My mom was going to head out and sit in her east head blind but my dad said he would be home soon so she...
  16. Liv4Rut

    Big Body

    I would not want to drag this buck very far!!
  17. Liv4Rut

    LoneWolf Wolf Pack For Sale Like New

    I have a Lonewolf Wolf Pack for sale. It is barely used and like new. It works great to attach your stand to it for those long hauls in the woods. I am sure it could attach to almost any stand. I am asking $50 for it. I am located in North Liberty. Shoot me a pm if interested.
  18. Liv4Rut

    free stand

    Gorilla king Kong. Needs cables and strap. Barely used. Pick up in north liberty. Pm me if you want it.
  19. Liv4Rut

    New Project......

    I know I am going to get a lot of laughs for this one from my buddies but I don't care. A lot of the public areas I hunt are mile long walks on nice mowed trails or field edges. Once I get to the timber it is usually another 3-500 yards in. Since they are such long walks and I am out of shape, I...
  20. Liv4Rut

    Congratulations to all successful hunters!

    Hi Everyone, It has been hard to keep up with all the turkey harvest posts on here. I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone that had a successful turkey season! I have enjoyed all the posts and pictures on here. :) Thanks, Mike
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