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Search results

  1. MN2IAGuy

    Anyone else seeing more Varmints than usual?

    I’m catching more raccoons, skunks and coyotes on camera than any other fall I can remember! I’ve been trying to stay on top of them but this year it seems that the numbers really shot up! anyone else seeing that?
  2. MN2IAGuy

    4 Point Disappointment

    I’ve been a NRLO bowhunter for 20 years and have witnessed the downfall of the NR’s experience created by the increased demand for NR archery tags This is the first time that 4 points (4 years) didn’t get you a license. The current system allows only a small percentage of NR licenses to go to...
  3. MN2IAGuy

    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    I was hunting first season near Albia and thought there were fewer birds. The cooler weather didn’t help either. Gobblers didn’t seem very fired up. Did anyone see any turkey winter kill?
  4. MN2IAGuy

    Solar Eclipse

    I'm heading down to do a little food plot work around Albia and then head down to Missouri to see the eclipse. I was thinking of going around Boonville because I think it should be less crowded than Colombia. It's also first day of classes at Mizzou on the 21st. Anyone know any better places to...
  5. MN2IAGuy

    Over run with Rag Weed?

    I seeded some switch 3 years ago and followed the round up and atrazine method. I have some good switch now but also lots of rag weed too. I believe it is rag weed. It is more like a little bush with small green branches and no leaves that is now throwing off a yellow pollen dust. It seems to be...
  6. MN2IAGuy

    Deer Repellents

    I'm thinking of trying this on about 12 acres of beans-Plantskydd Deer Repellent . Anyone have any experience with it or other ones?
  7. MN2IAGuy

    Ahhh The Irony!

    I'm a NRLO and I'm looking on E-Bay at the IBA tag that is being auctioned off. Seems a bit like fueling the fire! Money talks and values walk!
  8. MN2IAGuy

    Lifetime License question?

    Anyone know if a guy buys a resident lifetime small game/ habitat license and then retires to Florida and no longer qualifies as a resident, does he lose this lifetime license?:confused:
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