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Search results

  1. iowavf

    The "orange army"

    Like said early, a few bad people give the rest a bad name and yes that goes for bow hunters also. Like the gun hunters or not, they're making the deer pop better and heathier. I just sit in the blind anymore like the others I use to hunt with, but I think the gun hunters help the deer for the...
  2. iowavf

    Dumb question.....but maybe not.

    Don't fool yourself thinking hunters doing only deer drives are the only ones to use a cell phone for deer location. I don't have a cell camera but know many who do and yes they look before and during hunting if they get a message. You still have to close the deal, but it does give you an...
  3. iowavf

    Dual permission

    Sounds like it might workout. Only issue I can see is if the guys whose been hunting it for a while also like to hunt for big bucks and you come in, bow hunt and kill a big one they've been seeing? I know no one owns the deer, but I've heard of that causing feuds before?
  4. iowavf

    Leopold 3 x 9x 40 Ultraslam scope

    Thanks. Expecting to see some pics of a deer this year?
  5. iowavf

    Leopold 3 x 9x 40 Ultraslam scope

    I have a Leopold Ultra Slam muzzle loader/shotgun scope with the BDC. I bought it new and still have the box. It's silver in color. $200. text me,7122493041, or email me: [email protected] if interested.
  6. iowavf

    45 cal Thomson Center encore for sale

    Selling my 45 cal TC Encore ML. Stainless with black stock and forearm, Leupold 3 x 9 x 40 Ultra Slam scope with BCD reticles, silver. I have about 55 rounds of Barnes Expander 195 gr with Harvester sabots, powder, several speed loaders, bullet tubes, pre powder measure tubes to carry into the...
  7. iowavf

    Blackhorn 209

    I called Saturday and they didn't have any.
  8. iowavf

    Blackhorn 209

    Well let me know if they have some, I have a friend who’s there tonight and tomorrow for the game and he could stop by there
  9. iowavf

    Blackhorn 209

    I’m in SW Iowa and I did see that the Walmart in Cedar Rapids has 4 or 5 jugs. If I have to I can drive that far just not wanting to yet. I measured and I have a few more loads than I thought and hopefully I can get my ml zeroed in with less shots. I do appreciate you helping though. I also...
  10. iowavf

    Blackhorn 209

    I've contacted Sportsman and they said no online orders even though it says on the website and it's a pick up in store only and ND is the closest store with inventory and no online ordering for it due to not knowing when they will get it. Got the same answer from Cabelas, no online ordering...
  11. iowavf

    Blackhorn 209

    Has anyone seen any of it for sale anywhere? I’m going to need some more due to having to remount my scope per warranty work and maybe close to running out for deer seasons.
  12. iowavf

    Gravel road booze cruising....

    Or maybe they just lost control on the gravel? It does look like fresh gravel before the bridge aways.
  13. iowavf


    The real question is, where's his mask? ;)
  14. iowavf

    Bye bye 8

    Congrats, I love a big eight over anything else. Any eight at 150"s is a life time trophy.
  15. iowavf

    Sir Walter

    Very nice buck and story, congrats.
  16. iowavf

    Off topic, maybe controversial but a lot of fun & excitement!!!!

    Don't know about that, there's seven states you can change your vote in legally and they said google search is trending from people asking how to do it. Several of those are the swing states needed. Lot of people asking, what's this laptop Trump was talking about because the news media along...
  17. iowavf

    Your thoughts on Lakosky, Glesinger?

    Please explain why you consider hunting an area that's not high fenced where the deer are free to range anywhere they want, not fair chase? With this logic anyone who hunts private ground shouldn't be considered fair chase.
  18. iowavf

    Your thoughts on Lakosky, Glesinger?

    I do miss the days when I was growing up, we could hunt any farm around us. With the new age of farming and even people buying recreation land for themselves and friends to use, going to be harder to find spots. I've even lost a few good fishing ponds but can't blame people who buy the land...
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