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Search results

  1. jkratz5

    Heated vest recommendations

    Like I mentioned I have been using the mobile warming gear. I have the base layers. GameChanger in terms of warmth and all day sits. It has baselayer bulk so pretty minimal. Battery life is 2hrs on high (135 degrees). I have never ran out as I just wait until I get a little chilly and then turn...
  2. jkratz5

    Eye to nose measurement?

    Yeah they ask for that and the circumference of the base. Not sure why either would really be relevant, and I have to believe that the variability in this is huge based on who does it, where it is taken, etc. Seems odd, hopefully they use it for something
  3. jkratz5

    Eye to nose measurement?

    I thought it was the likelihood of Covid transmission ;) Seriously they have been asking this for 20 years, have never once seen it used in a report or study. I feel like it is an age guess, but have no clue. I know I have shot some long snouted and short snouted mature deer so not sure what...
  4. jkratz5

    Nov 13th is my day!!

    One of my favorite days too!!! Congrats on a giant!
  5. jkratz5

    11/6 All day sit pays off

    Great buck for sure!!! Congrats
  6. jkratz5

    Down goes Groot

    Man you Knock down some hammers!!!! Congrats on another stud!!!
  7. jkratz5

    Cruising Buck on November 20th

    Dandy, congrats!!!
  8. jkratz5

    Savage wound that ends long history…

    Oh man, what a opening!!! Great buck, congrats to your buddy! I had a very steep angle on a buck in 2017 and had an 8-10” exit hole that gutted him also. Makes for an easy blood trail!!!!!
  9. jkratz5

    My muzzleloader whitetail

    Unreal whitetail right there. Congrats!!!
  10. jkratz5

    Getting busted...

    We put out a lot of sharpened bamboo by mock scrapes in hopes of taking out an eye or two. It will work as well as the Nose Jammer on their noses
  11. jkratz5

    Getting busted...

    I don’t let it bother me unless it happens a couple times, then the wind/thermals aren’t what I think and I will leave I watched a deer Tuesday blow a couple times about 60 yea from me and I thought it was me. She ended up walking to 15yds if me and bedding up for an hour. Never know wtf they...
  12. jkratz5

    Halloween Buck

    Boom!!! Congrats on a stud!
  13. jkratz5

    Big hooves

    EHD survivor likely. Hooves get all jacked up Glad he made it because he is a stud
  14. jkratz5

    Ground kill

    Awesome buddy!!! Great buck and great to see you in the woods and recovered from the surgery!! Always good to see your posts, you know there is going to be a giant on the ground at the end. Congrats again!!!
  15. jkratz5

    2021 Archery Buck

    Awesome buck. Way to capitalize on the time you had. Congrats and a speedy recovery for your wife
  16. jkratz5

    About to be a bunch of Magic happening

    Halloween 2 days away, and rut around the corner. Can’t wait to see guys starting filling this thread up!!! Vacation starts after tomorrow and I will be in the tree until the 16th every day. Hopefully something makes a mistake Good luck everyone!!!
  17. jkratz5

    2021 Hunting stories

    Great buck and sounds like a perfect setup!! Congrats on him and on making a plan and sounds like farm come together!!!
  18. jkratz5

    Deer ticks

    I am a freakin magnet for ticks. Starting to see more and more deer ticks around us too!
  19. jkratz5

    Coyotes and Bobcats

    Brassicas usually are slow right now. Wait until a hard frost or two and they will get pounded. Move the cams to scrapes and off the food for a bit
  20. jkratz5

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    70”+ in a year . Unreal! Full feed for that dude the last year. I don’t think anyone was upset about the 170 comment…… we all get it As they say - can’t shoot a 170” if you shoot all the 150” deer on your farm every year. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but certainly have to have the discipline...
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