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Search results

  1. MN2IAGuy


    We have a lot to cry about! Try being a Viking fan!!
  2. MN2IAGuy


    Not the stand up guy many thought he was! I guess it isn’t always the Non-resident that you need to worry about!
  3. MN2IAGuy

    Anyone else seeing more Varmints than usual?

    I’m catching more raccoons, skunks and coyotes on camera than any other fall I can remember! I’ve been trying to stay on top of them but this year it seems that the numbers really shot up! anyone else seeing that?
  4. MN2IAGuy

    Skip's bow buck

    Just all around a beautiful buck!
  5. MN2IAGuy

    4 Point Disappointment

    Thanks everyone that sent positive and insightly responses! The MN DNR and a majority of the hunters in Minnesota don’t want to give up hunting during the rut with a gun. I think that alone would go a long way to improve the quality of our deer herd (Buck size) Good luck to everyone this Fall...
  6. MN2IAGuy

    4 Point Disappointment

    I’ve been a NRLO bowhunter for 20 years and have witnessed the downfall of the NR’s experience created by the increased demand for NR archery tags This is the first time that 4 points (4 years) didn’t get you a license. The current system allows only a small percentage of NR licenses to go to...
  7. MN2IAGuy

    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    Ten years ago the woods I hunt had so many gobblers that when one gobbled it would start a wave of gobbles that you could hear for miles! I’ve been seeing bobcats on my trail cameras the last 4-5 years. I’m sure they kill quite a few! They hunt year around and are incredible killers This season...
  8. MN2IAGuy

    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    I was hunting first season near Albia and thought there were fewer birds. The cooler weather didn’t help either. Gobblers didn’t seem very fired up. Did anyone see any turkey winter kill?
  9. MN2IAGuy

    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    The NR bow Hunter in Iowa has seen the # of years he/she has to wait grow from 2 to 4 or 5 years over the last 20 years. The preference points now cost $50 a year. There was a bow only doe season that went away years ago. Now they are thinking of taking 500 NR licenses out of the pool for the...
  10. MN2IAGuy

    New Here- New Farm

    If you put in some good food plots they will come
  11. MN2IAGuy

    Legislative update - current status- all bills

    This is a bad bill for all Iowa deerhunters! As a NRLO and all NR hunters, it is really bad since it will take 500 licenses out of the pool that is available! This will add another year of waiting for a bow licenses and cost you another $50 preference point, Not to mention bring in hunters that...
  12. MN2IAGuy


    Are you West of Blakesburg? I have property that direction.
  13. MN2IAGuy


    Looks like a shed thief!
  14. MN2IAGuy

    Show on all habitat, conservation, building a farm - no deer hunts - any interest?

    i Spend about 90% of my time food plotting, 5% complaining about eq breakdowns and 5% hunting so definitely! Love the idea of following some guys/projects like a Build Alaska format!
  15. MN2IAGuy

    2020 archery buck

    Great. buck! Congrats
  16. MN2IAGuy

    Iowa NR Draw

    I can’t remember that far back!
  17. MN2IAGuy

    EHD in south central part of the state consensus/observations

    Too early and doesn’t seem like it has been the kind of weather that gets it going.
  18. MN2IAGuy

    Sun protection gear

    Save 25% on Huk today!
  19. MN2IAGuy

    Sun protection gear

    Simms makes some awesome fishing shirts/hoodies/gators if you want high quality and design...$$$ a little pricey
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