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Search results

  1. Fox Valley Hunter

    Arborist in SE Iowa

    Can anyone recommend an arborist in Southeast Iowa? I have a maple tree in my yard that has developed a long split in the bark that I would like to have someone tell me if its going to be an issue or not.
  2. Fox Valley Hunter

    2nd season Tom

    Was set up this morning a little after 5:00. Didn't hear a gobble until 5:45. Had two toms in a ditch a couple hundred yards north of me and no birds where I was expecting them to be. I figured I would sit for a while and see what happened. We called back and forth for an hour or so and neither...
  3. Fox Valley Hunter

    Wolf shot in Van Buren county

    There is a story on bowhuntingroad.com about a possible wolf getting shot in Van Buren county a couple weeks ago. Here is a pic of it laying next to a coyote.
  4. Fox Valley Hunter

    2007 Ford F150 FX4 4 door

    Posting for my brother-in-law 128000 miles Great condition New tires Soft tonneau bed cover Spray in bed liner $11,500 OBO Keosauqua, Ia 641-919-3377
  5. Fox Valley Hunter

    Replacement straps

    We have some Gorilla lock on stands and some Big Game lock ons that need replacement straps. Gorilla is no longer in business but it looks like the Big Game straps would work on both stands. I can't seem to find the Big Game straps locally (Burlington, Mt. Pleasant) and all the ratchet...
  6. Fox Valley Hunter

    WTH? Boone and Crocket Woodpecker?

    I was out turkey hunting this morning and walked up on this tree. Anyone ever seen this before? They are about 4 inch in diameter and 5 or 6 inches deep. It appeared to be the only tree in the area that this had happened to. Thoughts?
  7. Fox Valley Hunter

    Saturday Morning Success

    After 4 hours and 5 moves I finally persuaded one to come looking for love but he got a face full of #5's instead. 9" beard and 3/4" spurs, just a typical 2 year old. He had some weird looking spurs though. Its almost like he had another set of spurs starting to grow or something.
  8. Fox Valley Hunter


    I am going to upgrade my binoculars and was doing some research on past threads here on IW. I see a lot of recommendations for Vortex, leupold, and Zen Ray. I wear glasses and have had trouble in the past finding a pair of binoculars that I can use while wearing my glasses. Does anyone know if...
  9. Fox Valley Hunter

    Oct 1st to nov 23rd

    My father in-law ended his 2013 archery season on Oct 1st after sitting in his hay bale blind for about 90 minutes. The buck came in and rubbed the willow tree (Thanks 6X6) we had placed 25 yards in front of his blind and then walked towards the blind and turned broadside at 15 yards. My...
  10. Fox Valley Hunter

    I love youth season!

    I think the spring youth turkey season has become my favorite time spent in the woods. I have been hunting since the mid 80's with my family and friends but the last 4 spring hunts with my daughter Morgan are up there at the top. I woke her up at 3:45 this morning to make the drive down to...
  11. Fox Valley Hunter

    Problems with iw app

    Anyone else having problems with the IW APP? I can use it to read but it won't let me post from my phone. It worked yesterday but not today. It will let me type a reply but the send button is "grayed out".
  12. Fox Valley Hunter

    Is there a good APP for marking locations?

    Just wondering if there are any good apps for marking stand locations, camera locations, etc. I have tried using the map function that came on my IPHONE but it does not seem to be very precise it can get me close but not quite correct. I was thinking this would help when I send my father in law...
  13. Fox Valley Hunter

    Decoy Names

    My wife thinks I am a little off because I have always had names for my decoys, not sure why but it just seemed right to me. Anyway I have noticed in some of the threads that some of you name yours as well. I named my hen and strutter Bonnie and Clyde and they have been a big help in killing...
  14. Fox Valley Hunter

    Red dot scope question

    I am going to buy a red dot scope for my daughters Mossburg 500 youth 20 gauge. I have some cabela's gift cards that i am going to use and they have several on their web site to choose from. Any information or suggesstions to help me decide which one to buy would be appreciated. Thanks.
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