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Search results

  1. 2-bucks

    The "orange army"

    My first deer season in western Michigan...Mid 1980's and I'm 14. My brother and I "scout" out some spots to hunt on public. Not experienced yet so obviously pick spots too easy to access. Opening morning comes with me leaning on the tree I picked and as the sun comes up I can see three other...
  2. 2-bucks

    Heated vest recommendations

    I have and like the Pnuma vest with an extra battery as well. It was worth the money. Pnuma vest, wool long johns, and darn near anything else I do or don't feel like wearing inside an IWOM and I can tree stand hunt for along time in very cold weather. This set up gets me a lot more hours in...
  3. 2-bucks

    The "orange army"

    Looking forward to it.
  4. 2-bucks

    Nov 13th is my day!!

    Awsome...jealous, jealous, jealous! What is the score? Off the top of my head, 178?
  5. 2-bucks

    Rut timing/warm weather hunts.

    Yah...I can't compete with Brad Pitt. But I'd be happy to take his leftovers
  6. 2-bucks

    Cleaning out a lighted nock?

    Did anything work?
  7. 2-bucks

    Rut timing/warm weather hunts.

    What makes you think the does seek out the bucks? Not arguing, just always looking to learn.
  8. 2-bucks

    Down goes Groot

    Awsome deer.
  9. 2-bucks

    Cams still slow

    Guess I'm the outlier here. But glad to be in this case. More nice deer on my place than ever this year. Steady daylight movement too.
  10. 2-bucks

    2021 Bow Buck

    Am I weird...sitting in a tree stand watching a video of someone else shoot a deer?:rolleyes: Nice deer and video! I'm afraid to try that. I mess up enough without something else to distract me.
  11. 2-bucks

    Theifs Sioux Rapids, IA

    Friends that hunt public take a climbing stick or two and put the cameras up out of reach and pointing down. They have had good luck with this.
  12. 2-bucks

    IW Newest Member

    Happy for you! We all love to hunt here but the parents in the group know how that bundle of joy will trump everything else. May God be with your son today and forever. By the way just shot what I think is a decent buck and hope to post harvest picks later....but you stole all the thunder...
  13. 2-bucks

    Nephews 2021 Harvest.

    Good for him! Nice buck.
  14. 2-bucks

    Early lockdown?

    Better than average year for me. Mature bucks moving in daylight since 27th. More overall deer sightings than Last couple years. Seen big bucks dogging does on camera last Wednesday and one in person this morning. Just not close enough though
  15. 2-bucks

    What broadheads you use?

    Magnus Stingers and Hornets.
  16. 2-bucks

    Coyotes and Bobcats

    I had a den of bobcats (saw mom, dad and 3 kittens all together even) right on the edge of my best 3 acre food plot a few years ago. Absolutely ruined that plot for the year. Almost zero deer using it that year. I would see 0-2 per sit and then only passing through, never actually eating...
  17. 2-bucks

    Daughter's 1st Deer

    Kind of funny...when I saw the post title I thought, how did a 9 year old pull back a strong enough bow? But the pictures straightened me out :)
  18. 2-bucks

    Daughter's 1st Deer

    Great times with the kids!
  19. 2-bucks

    What broadheads you use?

    Bass, basically the same as you. 500 grains with Magnus Black Hornet (with bleeders) out of a 62# bow. Simple, fly with field points and good penetration.
  20. 2-bucks

    Planting Help

    I might buy a small drill if I can find one without spending too much also.
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