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Search results

  1. doob02

    Polaris vs Honda

    I am late catching up to this comparison but I would recommend checking out the Gravely side by sides. They are built tough!!
  2. doob02

    Mason's First Turkey

    Amen O... I have now watched this for 10 times. Him enjoying the moment is priceless!!!
  3. doob02

    Got time for a quick call?

    I sure wish this could pass...
  4. doob02

    Every time i...

    thats a keeper!!!
  5. doob02

    Brother passes

    Having lost my brother just over a month ago I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!!!
  6. doob02

    Brian Follmann

    Thank you all for them kind words.... We baptize my son tomorrow he was so happy for me to have a son. He will watch over. Amen
  7. doob02

    Brian Follmann

    Brian was 40
  8. doob02

    Brian Follmann

    A bale didn't eject the bale chamber so he was unwedging it and didn't get out. I am sure plenty have done this before he just fell getting out of the way. He was hurrying to get done before rain and I'm sure that made him overlook a few things. Hopefully this thought will help others to...
  9. doob02

    Brian Follmann

    The greatest hunter I ever knew, a great father, a great brother, the best agronomist, and a great farmer was lost. My brother passed away in a farm accident on June 18th. This is a picture of one of his proud kills. Please all remember life can be taken from us at anytime. Please take the...
  10. doob02

    different pond set

    Awesome pictures!!!!
  11. doob02

    WTB Remington 700 ML

    I sent you a pm with contact information
  12. doob02


    Minnesota trap line products if I remember correctly http://www.minntrapprod.com/ They have everything and never treated me wrong....
  13. doob02

    Best SCOPE for AR - .308????

    M308 combo can't be beat... if its 223 go 3-9x40 p223 for the price can't be beat... if u like illumination check out Burris mtac. I have a little bit if everything. ;)
  14. doob02

    Iowa HF 163 & HF 164

    Same reply i received as well as good ones from Greg Heartsill and Amy Sinclair
  15. doob02

    Daniel Defense AR-15 New in Package

    You got pictures???
  16. doob02

    Lets help repeal NY's new legislation

    We need a post that is just links we can fill in....
  17. doob02

    A Great Read

    100% well said
  18. doob02

    Finding .223 Ammo

    I have 400 rnds of wolf ammo I would sell shoot me a pm if interested.
  19. doob02

    AR-15 purchase question.

    I am currently looking to purch#se a built 308 AR if anyone knows of one available please PM me with details or locations. Thanks
  20. doob02

    Perdicting the future

    Grow up crap like this leads to me following this forum less and less. This is about hunting whitetails not whiney childish quarrels.
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