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Search results

  1. Hardwood11

    3 wheeler

    Not the best pic but appears to only have 3 legs… but a big rack !
  2. Hardwood11

    Another Derecho

    There’s a warning out for a potential Derecho this evening… looks like Wisconsin is the bullseye. Let’s hope not!! I was curious if you guys had major damage to you timber from the winds last year in Iowa? Had it impacted your property for hunting?
  3. Hardwood11

    Minnesota fishing opener

    A few pics from the opener in Mn... great weather, pretty good action.
  4. Hardwood11

    Iowa Shotgun season dates

    Ok maybe I missed this, but I cannot find the dates of the Shotgun 1 or 2 seasons for 2021? If you see them let me know, maybe I am missing the obvious.
  5. Hardwood11

    Fat 10

    Haven’t been on here for over a month ... I shot this buck on Nov 6 (74 degrees) long story but was able to connect on him at about 30 yds on the edge of a fresh picked corn field as he came out of the timber. 170 6/8 My largest buck with the bow.
  6. Hardwood11

    Rut report 2020

  7. Hardwood11

    Beans up BIGLY

    The low commodity markets are done for now.. beans up .25 today to 10.48!
  8. Hardwood11

    Opening weekend (archery)

    Who’s hunting opening weekend? ... & what is your strategy?
  9. Hardwood11

    CRP (rates and cost share)

    If anyone is willing to share some rates and cost share on your Iowa farms I would appreciate a little feedback. I know I can put some CRP in, but I am curious how the rates compare by county/region?
  10. Hardwood11

    Iowa NR Draw

    When do the results usually come out?
  11. Hardwood11

    Minnesota, ND Turkeys

    ] My boys each shot a turkey this weekend ... one was in MN, and the other in Western ND. They had a lot of fun, good action.
  12. Hardwood11

    Buck Sleeping

    Interesting pic of buck sleeping in Iowa.
  13. Hardwood11

    Habitat work ... what are your spring plans.

    Wow, bored with the shutdown... what have you guys been up to? Besides shed hunting, a little chainsaw work. Cleared some timber for a plot, actually a firewood guy did not most it.. Post some pics to if you have them.
  14. Hardwood11

    Coronavirus/Stock Market

    Wow what a wild ride, thinking about dumping more $$ in right now. Some of these stocks are getting hammered. Not sure it is justified. What do you guys think?
  15. Hardwood11

    How many bucks survive (on average)

    If you guys do an inventory (trail cam) or (visual in the field)...of say for example your top 5 or top 10 bucks. How many survive the season on average? Curious to compare. Thanks
  16. Hardwood11

    Skol Vikings!!

    Any Vikings fans on here?? Nothing like beating the Saints in New Orleans!
  17. Hardwood11

    Western Iowa buck

    On December 7 I was in my stand on the south end of my property and was not seeing much when a good buck came by chasing a doe fawn, I put the cross-hairs on him and just did not have a clean shot, so I passed. At the time I was a little bummed, as it was a good buck. Turned out to be a...
  18. Hardwood11

    Minnesota Big 8

    My son Jake shot a good one in Minnesota. This buck came by an checked a mock scrape , and he smoked it at 15 yards. This is on a 40 acre parcel that we’ve had in our family since 1995. Really fun to see him get this buck, the rack was nice, the body was huge. Guessing 210-215 field dressed ...
  19. Hardwood11

    Shotgun 1 Who’s hunting?

    Whats your strategy? We will be out, looking forward to it!
  20. Hardwood11

    Browning trail cam

    I have one Browning, just never tried them, but I hear good things. What is a good model for say under $150? Feedback please....thanks
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