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Search results

  1. Handcannon

    Right of First Refusal

    Unless you have the $ already....find out if the bank will give you the loan before even thinking about it. I live on the western side of the state, was offered great land/timber on the eastern side. Bankers over here don't understand land over there & don't want to give loans, even if you have...
  2. Handcannon


    From 5 years ago?
  3. Handcannon

    Taxidermy crappie question

    That's what I thought too. I had a 7# bass done by another taxidermist in 2008 it measures within 1/4" and was also a skin mount. I can tell by the tail that this is my crappie. But the distance between the dorsal fin and the top of the mouth doesn't look right. I guess my next mount will be a...
  4. Handcannon

    Taxidermy crappie question

    I agree about releasing fish. I was looking at it on the drive home and the more I saw it the shorter it got. I put a tape on it and was thinking wtf. I also had the guy do a reproduction of a 11 1/2" bluegill that I released years ago. Paid more for the reproduction but it was well worth it...
  5. Handcannon

    Taxidermy crappie question

    I got my crappie back...I think. It looks like the same fish but somehow it's 1 1/2" shorter. Why?
  6. Handcannon

    Hunting for a specific buck??

    Trail cams have ruined me & yet saved many "shootable" meat deer over the years. "That" buck to me is 150"+. I always manage to get a really nice buck on 2 cameras, all summer long into early October. Almost all of my pics are between 10pm & 4am. I will sit for 100+ hours a year hoping to see...
  7. Handcannon

    Beavers — good or bad?

    Correct. I didn't fully explain that this was a watershed project. All 3 ponds did have flowing water. All ponds around my area are watershed projects, water in, water out.
  8. Handcannon

    Beavers — good or bad?

    Large rodents. I trapped for a guy, way back in high school. Guy had 3 ponds built, filled & stocked. Good sized ponds with old growth trees along the waters edge. He was in the truck with some DNR people, looked at me and I quote "leave the beavers alone, you trap a beaver & I find...
  9. Handcannon

    2nd Season

    Nice, congrats!
  10. Handcannon

    2nd season success

  11. Handcannon

    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    Lower #s compared to the late 90s...YES. I remember counting flocks of 80 to 100+ every time I drove by the hills that I hunt. Now these same flocks are less than 10 birds, I get all excited when I hear 5 different gobblers in the morning.
  12. Handcannon


    Congrats Alex!
  13. Handcannon

    Another Bingo

    Congrats Abby!
  14. Handcannon

    Youth Success 4/11

    Great bird! Congrats Drew!
  15. Handcannon

    Bills H.R.8 & H.R.1446 on the move in the House

    Bit by bit. Look these up. They will affect everyone. H.R.8 and H.R.1446 are two bills being rammed through the House. HR8 would ban private sales of firearms (with few exceptions). HR 1446 would indefinitely delay firearms transfers that are delayed by NICS more than 3 days.
  16. Handcannon

    450 bushmaster reloading

    I haven't started reloading for mine yet. I know a local guy that reloads for his 450. He told me that the crimp is the most important thing about this caliber. As for components, just keep hitting the retail stores. It took over a dozen trips but I have gotten everything I need for what I...
  17. Handcannon

    HF 616 a bill about boats

    Tax, tax, tax. They didn't get enough from all the new hunting/fishing licenses? An increase of 24%, $3.6 million.
  18. Handcannon

    HF 406, Methods of take during NR holiday season

    This season needs to go away.
  19. Handcannon

    HR 127

    I've read the entire thing many times. I talk to many people in gun stores in the tri-state area daily & can't believe how many of us think that this has NO chance of passing! The Anti-gun party controls all 3 legislative branches of gov't. They can really do whatever they want. Even if they...
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