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Search results

  1. arm

    Strainer size

    I have 100 mesh filters at the nozzle but the filter from the tank seems like it's 50 maybe 40. Can I just run 100 mesh higher up the supply if I can find one that big? I can't see it being a psi restriction issue but idk. Does anyone know?
  2. arm

    Kinze bean plates for sale

    Brand new 48 Cell Blue Soybean Discs. 4 of them. For kinze brush meter. $40 Located between Indianola/Osceola https://www.shoupparts.com/SH16184-48-Cell-Blue-Soybean-Disc
  3. arm

    Spray rig

    I have a 50g 3pt sprayer and it's kind of a pain in the dick to load up the tractor when I wanna do just a quick spray. You guys prefer a utv sprayer over 3pt? Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  4. arm

    Honda Pioneer sxs

    Pretty set on the 1000-5. Anyone buy one recently and find good pricing somewhere? Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  5. arm

    Old 8

    I don't know how old he actually is but he was the oldest around and there were no other names. He's been around since I bought this place, 6.5 I think. Hes got a messed up nose which was easy to identify him. No change to his rack over the years, maybe a little smaller, it was time for him to...
  6. arm

    Wood beetle ID

    Noticed saw dust at the base of an oak tree in my yard. Found the culprit today. Any idea what this is. My yard has had MANY dead oak trees cut down and my neighbors have 2 new dead ones this year. I have another mature tree die this summer, honestly idk what type tree it was. If I can ID this...
  7. arm

    Small planters

    Does anyone have experience with a two-row planter? If so what is your acre cut off? If you're doing say 5 acres or less do you feel it's worth while or taking forever? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  8. arm

    Busted pond

    Not really a pond but I suppose so. This is in the middle of a shallow water wetland. Originally built to hold it looks like 3 ft of water. Last summer I noticed part of the bottom berm eroded away. I piled loads of fill there to patch it..attempt anyways. Still some leaking...guessing I didn't...
  9. arm


    I picked up a used 3pt sprayer with a 7' boom. I want to make at least 50% larger boom but don't want to get too big and lose where I've been. I've tried dye before but really need a lot to make it work and it's not cheap. I figured a chain dragging off each end might work? Also figured foam...
  10. arm

    Removing nocks from arrows

    I got some nockturnals X for my Easton Axis arrows. And I cannot get them out. Pliars are digging into the nocks. Not just one arrow, but 3. I have used the same nock brand in the same arrow brand with no problems previously. I'm lost
  11. arm

    Waterproof boots

    I walk through shin high water to access 90% of my stands so i wear the tall rubbers. I have a sweaty foot problem and im pretty sure the rubber boots dont let my feet breath and cause cold feet problems. Other than packing in a better pair of boots, is there a one pair option, like a 14" lace...
  12. arm

    Farm questions

    How important is your property distance from your home? My first place was 2 hrs, second is 30mins. 2hrs was "ok" because I was new and excited...now 30 mins feels like a drag and I wish I had something down the road. Hauling machinery gets old right? You guys 3+hrs and out of state are...
  13. arm


    Before I buy new, checking to see if anyone had something for sale. I'm in south central iowa. Thank you
  14. arm

    Bobcat litter

    A lot of people see bobcats but a litter is a first for me. Sorry the pics are not good. Not sure how big the litters can get but at least 3 kittens here. I get a couple pics a week in one spot of just singles
  15. arm

    Home archery range

    I upgraded sights and changed head weight and have been shooting a lot recently. I guess I forgot how much fun it is just to shoot. I've almost never shot over any significant distance but it is fun and chance of missing the little block target is greater...as I've found. I'm looking at putting...
  16. arm


    Can I eradicate raccoons anytime of year with gun, trap, 9 iron or whatever? I can only find fur season but they seem nuisance like a coyote
  17. arm

    Looking for sprayer

    I'm looking for a 3pt sprayer cat1. 50g or so tank and would need to be pto pump. Bigger boom the better. Pretty slim chances but thought I'd check here
  18. arm

    Blind window treatments

    I messed up and ordered clear glass windows and not the grey I had wanted. Too much adding to cart, seeing price and closing out...and then haste when I actually pulled the trigger. Now I'm wondering what % of tint film to put on the windows. I really don't want curtains as I want to be able...
  19. arm

    Milo and Pea combo plot

    Has anyone tried planting these together? My only concern is that pea (4010) is a cool season grower while milo isn't and my only option is to plant at the same time. Mid-May is when I'm thinking but could do anytime.
  20. arm

    Ranger for sale

    Moving my father back to iowa and he's selling some stuff. A 2016 Polaris Ranger 570 efi UTV. I can get the hours but it was just bought and barely used. Parents drove it from the cabin to the dock mostly and basically a lawn chairs for chatting with the neighbors. Has front and rear...
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