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Search results

  1. SB3

    Ladino, I frost seeded, fertilized and limed late winter that year. That plot gets hit hard too...

    Ladino, I frost seeded, fertilized and limed late winter that year. That plot gets hit hard too, it's still going strong
  2. SB3

    Broadheads for Elk?

    Maybe it's your bow? I cant remember ever not getting a pass-thru. Last year at 55 yards zipped right thru. My point is I have zero reservation about killing an elk with a rage and was wondering why the OP would want to use a fixed, less accurate wind drifting BH. Everybody has their own opinion
  3. SB3


    Skip, what variety is that? I planted some Ameristand #480HVXRR last fall & this spring. What I planted last fall is starting to thicken up and look good, this spring's planting still has a ways to go but by next year I'm confident it'll look good too.
  4. SB3

    Broadheads for Elk?

    I'm heading west for archery elk this fall too, curious why would you move away from mechanicals? I plan on using chisel tip 2-blade rages, it's hard to move away from something that's worked so well
  5. SB3

    Fawn pic thread- 2021

    Looks like she dropped one so far, glad I didn't mow this plot.
  6. SB3

    Rambo & Bakcou Electric Fat Tired Bikes

    Are these made in the USA?
  7. SB3

    Spring Snows 2021

    Muddyrem, where is "down here"?
  8. SB3

    Spring Snows 2021

    Southeast MO has been a bust for us this year with the weather we've had. Trying to kill the mature birds is not easy and that's all we had up till last weekend. They will pick you apart for any flaws in your spread. Juvies are just now arriving and pushing north quick, we're leaving tonight for...
  9. SB3

    Rough Winter

    I'm just below the state line in MO and damn it's been a sheet of ice and snow since Christmas. Especially bad since we worked so hard and had the most quail sighting last summer than ever before. Corn and beans are gone, alfalfa and clover ate down to the nub and covered, they're digging hard...
  10. SB3

    Shed ATL Pic Thread

    first one found in the turnip patch. 66"
  11. SB3

    Nets are for fishing:-)!

    That's a stud! Great story and thanks for sharing I can picture the scene
  12. SB3

    Your thoughts on Lakosky, Glesinger?

    Agree with this statement but here's where you loose me. So the Lakoskys and Drurys perfect what you outline and more but they are to blame for doing it? IMO there are a bunch of TV dirtbags out there, Lakosky and Drury's aren't in that category. Jbohn's post #95 sums up my perspective as well
  13. SB3


    I take mine out a week or two before planning on using it and hide it behind some round bales.
  14. SB3

    Your thoughts on Lakosky, Glesinger?

    Yeah, you're not jealous at all. LOL :D:D That damn lee lakosky is to blame for global warming too
  15. SB3

    Your thoughts on Lakosky, Glesinger?

    You say "private" in this analogy referencing lakosky's land. To my knowledge he doesn't have any high fence farms does he? I thought he was all free range correct?
  16. SB3

    I killed Sleepy Joe

    Now that will get your blood pumpin! Congrats!
  17. SB3

    This will get your blood pumping

    Good for them, what's the problem? If they have the means to kill giant bucks during youth so be it. I would bet MOST dads/moms are in the box blind instructing their kids cause...... that's what youth season is. If they decide to pass smaller bucks because of any reason, that's their choice.
  18. SB3

    This will get your blood pumping

    Damn.... Kansas. If you had to pick the top area or county where would that be? I need to find a lease out there
  19. SB3

    Finding a Renter

    Put the word out to your local seed dealers, crop ins agents and ag supply shops. I think those folks should be able to find the right farmer for you. Maybe an ad in the local paper might turn up something
  20. SB3

    Apple/Pear Trees

    Enterprise & Arkansas Black thriving vs Goldrush & Jonafree
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