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    SB3, I found a post in which you shared a picture of a clover plot, I believe May of 2020, it...

    SB3, I found a post in which you shared a picture of a clover plot, I believe May of 2020, it was from an area you cleared of pines and there was a dog in the picture (Lab I believe.) I was wondering what variety of clover was in that plot, seemed to be very upright and large leafed.
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    How many does to take?

    I agree with Skip and others in that the condition of your native browse (or food plot) is the best indicator of your need to harvest deer. I haven't been on many farms in my region that appear to be suffering from deer damage. Quite frankly, I think some people use "herd balancing" as an excuse...
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    Getting busted...

    Happened to me last night and I actually got down and left my farm. Supposed to be a SW wind, got the milkweed out, and sure enough, a lot of east in that wind. Its along a North-South creek travel corridor, so I would have winded every passing deer. Not going to do that on November 4th, maybe...
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    Acorns to Oaks!

    Question for the oak experts. I have gathered up quite a few white oak acorns that had just started to push out a taproot and planted them in containers containing moist potting soil. The roots are continuing to grow but none of them have sent up a sprout yet. I'm wondering what might be my best...
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    Rut action/reports

    Quite a few mature deer were taken this past weekend in my corner of west central Illinois. Social media and easy distribution of harvest photos makes it seems like everyone is killing their target bucks while I tended to other obligations. Looking forward to some stand time these next 12 days.
  6. B

    which pruning saw?

    Silky seems to be the gold standard, I've been using a folding Corona for about 4 years, very impressed.
  7. B

    2021: Strange deer year to date: My observations

    Glad I'm not the only one. I had numerous shooters and hit listers established by this time last year. I have not had a pic of a buck older than 3.5 yet. Last year was my first year owning my farm which is about 190 acres. I made major habitat improvements in off season and added food plots...
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    Your scent control methods, thoughts or list?

    I wash my gear in July/August with a garden hose and let it air dry in the hot sun for couple days. I just don't trust the washing machine with my outer garments given that my wife uses scented detergent with regular laundry. Outer layers are put on at the stand or at least in the field, which I...
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    Entrances to treestands & blinds….

    Has anyone tried using an electronic caller to project coyote sounds to clear a plot? I have also read articles with people claiming you can use a laser pointer to soft bump deer out of a food plot.
  10. B

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    Are you fairly satisfied with that blower seeding attachment? I was contemplating getting one for my blower.
  11. B

    Foodplot irrigation- gravity siphon

    Great idea. My contractor never got around to rebuilding my pond levee this summer so I don't have a convenient water source. Got great germination of all seed after planting on August 23 and receiving .6 of rain in the first week, but the forecast is starting to look concerning. This is a new...
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    Native Wildflowers and Plants

    Pictured is a bottomland area that at one point was cultivated. Neighbors have told me this area has been a monoculture of Reed Canary Grass for quite some time. I sprayed gly in early May and planted an annual clover mix. The area I sprayed is in the foreground, in the background you can see...
  13. B

    Ill talk about the first farm since its locked up now.

    Does your river bottom flood and what is it comprised of?
  14. B

    Old Field Management - Fescue Elimination

    The pasture is located in west central Illinois. It was grazed (over grazed) until October 26 of last year. I was able to disc a little in late February and those areas had a nice flush of ragweed and other beneficial "weeds." I've introduced shrubs into it, so I can burn, but would need to be...
  15. B

    Old Field Management - Fescue Elimination

    Initially, I won't be planting anything in its place. Possibly, NWSG, I just want weeds and some shrubby structure to start with.
  16. B

    Old Field Management - Fescue Elimination

    I'm in the process of converting 10 acres of cattle pasture to deer/turkey habitat. I was unable to spray the fescue last fall and sprayed a portion of it in May this year with Gly and got a good kill. The remaining fescue is extremely tall. I am assuming it will start to lay down at some point...
  17. B

    Best weather channel or app???

    Dark Sky app is great. It has been extremely accurate, especially with timing of precipitation and changes in wind direction. Allows for weather based on a GPS pin.
  18. B


    I planted some annuals at the same time and then some additional Balansa and Berseem a few weeks ago in a spot that I thought was done flooding for the year, I was wrong. I'm sure some in the first plot will make it but there is a lot of pasture clover, ragweed, and fescue mixed in.
  19. B


    As anticipated by the experienced members of IW, the clover I frost seeded on March 20 has prospered. The areas that held lots of moisture, even standing at times, did much better. We didn't have much frost after I seeded, so the moisture may have also contributed to seed/soil contact. I have...
  20. B


    Approximately two weeks ago I seeded Red Clover (Persist) and White Clover (Renovation) on bare dirt. The soil was wet but frozen that morning so I was confident it would get proper soil contact. The soil received about .5 inch rain within a few days. I noticed some, especially the Red Clover...
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