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Search results


    Cruising Buck on November 20th

    The last couple years have been a little rough, so it's a understatement to how happy I was everything came together this morning on a new farm. Last year had two mature deer on home farm , one was real regular other was hit and miss but both bucks were great deer. After several close calls and...

    Advice after Bad Encounter

    Long story short, lost almost all my permission to stuff I hunted for years. Target buck get shot by neighbor, talk to neighbor get a 1000 continuous acres to bowhunt all to myself and is all across the road from my farm. This all happened in last 10 days. Get cameras up, tons of 2 and 3 year...

    Army Worm Control in Fall Food Plots

    Can someone give good direction on army worm control, they are absolutely horrible this year in my area. I used Bifen Ag Gold when my brassicas first started germinating as clover and idle areas adjacent to planted area was already infested, dang things ate my yard in a few days. I sprayed...

    Big One Down-Poached

    I hate this time of year around here, we are about a week out from the Kansas firearms season opening and every year it is the same; starting the weekend before Thanksgiving traffic on gravel roads around my house increases 10 fold. I live in a fairly remote part of the county and really only...

    Improving/Releasing Native Grass in Open Areas

    I have a couple semi open spots on my farm, a few larger cedar trees, but mainly just fescue. The farm used to be pastured and fescue is pretty thick everywhere, and the fescue has formed that wonderful thick low growth mat that has no wildlife value and suppresses most other growth. These...

    Buck Relocation and Rut Expectations

    Well here is my experience with buck dispersal: In 2015, I had a nice buck show up that was all over my farm, he was a nice little 3 year old eight point. He pretty much centered himself on my farm and called it home. I enjoyed seeing him from the stand but clearly was never considered as a...

    Surprise Buck on November 19th

    Took me a while to get this posted, here is the story on the buck I killed on the 19th. I hunted less this year due to some work obligations, but as November wore on I started to get freed up and things started to fall into place. I was mainly hunting my personal farm trying to catch up with a...

    Does he look 4 to you?

    Here is a buck that was all over my farm last year, figured he was 3, had other good bucks to go after, so he got an easy pass. Fall of 2015 He showed back up this fall and I literally have him in a bean field 100 yards from my house every night. Velvet Picture To me last year he had...

    Mid November better than Early November??

    As hard as it will be, next year I'm bumping my vacation back and going to hunt a little later in the month. The last 4 years that I have taken off for the rut I have been hunting in the range of the 5th-16th. For me the first couple of days is pretty good, tons of little bucks, but very very...

    Age? Cool Buck

    Had a bunch of velvet pictures of this buck, but he vanished at the end of August. Showed back up on my personal farm just over a mile from where he lived all summer. He won't score much, but he started showing up in daylight, and all the other bucks I would like a chance at have showed zero...

    Got My 224" Mount Back!!!

    Finally got my mount back, shot the buck in September. I kept the horns until the Taxi was ready, only took him three weeks once I dropped them off, and I couldn't be happier! I did a pedestal mount(base not done yet), the detail is amazing! Now I just have to find the right place to put him...

    First Kill for my Nephew

    Took him during regular firearms season, and he managed to shave a few belly hairs off a doe at 60 yards. Finally got another chance to take him out on the closing evening of late doe season here in Kansas, and he made a great shot on a good doe. I'll never forget the first deer I ever...

    State Record Poached In Kansas....Fantastic!

    Guy poaches state record, then hauls it around Kansas Monster Buck Classic. Story

    Big Ten

    Hope he makes it, only 2 days of rifle season left....

    Mature Buck Down, November 15th!!

    This summer I started running cameras, and it was horrible! I got 1 picture of a mature deer; everything else was young or does. I knew there should be some good bucks in the area, but I still wanted some visual conformation. Finally in late September I started getting pictures of a good deer...

    Good Ten, Age?

    Threw this camera up on a feild edge a couple days ago and these 2 bucks showed up, don't remind me of any from last year, and is not the one I am still looking for. How old are these deer? Both

    Issue with CVA Accura

    I bought a CVA Accura in June so I could try my hand at the early muzzleloader season in Kansas. I started out shooting 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 and a Hornady 250gr. SST with the supplied sabot. I put on a Bushnell 250 DOA scope and a 1 piece Durasight rings. Once sighted in the gun is...

    2011 Food Plot Progression

    Just thought I would share some photos of my food plot this year as it progressed. I bought the property in late summer 2010, so on limited time I put in 5 acres of rye, and started a fertilizer program. This year the food plot now consist of 1 acre of corn, 3 acres of beans, and 1 acre of...

    Soil Quality Requirements for Switch/NWSG

    I purchased land in July and did not get full control until October 31<SUP>st</SUP> when he had to pull his cattle off. So this year I was able to put in 5 acres of rye in. The Rye will be plowed under this spring to put organic material back into the soil, and start the rebuilding process...

    Weird Kansas Buck

    Today is opening day of Kansas rifle season and my wife’s grandpa shot a very nice 140 class buck first thing. My buddy runs the meat locker and I ran down from work to see the deer. Well he was just getting started to skin it and noticed a little flap of skin under the buck butt hole, the...
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