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    A little concerned.....

    After doing a little research on a property for sale, I started looking at who owns a little further out from me. I have known the trend of the little guy ie. small family farm units of a couple hundred acres being bought out by the big time farmers. I think we all have been seeing this. What I...
  2. B

    John Deere package

    Hi guys, I've been a member here for a long time. I enjoy reading everyone's posts and appreciate our common obsession! I am selling my utility tractor and thought I would try here. It is basically a new tractor. I realized after purchase it is way overkill for my usage. It is an awesome food...
  3. B

    Scrape question?

    Hunted over a fresh scrape today with a friend about 100 yds away..long story short we get down to look for his deer when my target buck almost runs right up to us and realizes it at thirty yards away...given the fact that their was blood from the kill and us knuckleheads standing there.....will...
  4. B

    Cape question?

    Hey guys, a buddy shot a buck that was nothing to brag about but it had a double throat patch. Should he have caped it out regardless? Or, are they more common than we know? Thanks
  5. B

    Trail cam problem?

    Hey guys, just bought a moultrie i40. Can't figure out why it takes black and white pictures all the time? I went through the instructions and thought I had everything set up right. I've had it out twice in two seperate locations, too much shade? or is the IR somehow set on all the time? Thanks
  6. B

    Weird tree markings?

    Well, I have a few minutes on my day off before I head out in the drizzle to try for the big one. So, I thought I would run this by some of you. I know the guys on IW are some of the most experienced outdoorsman. I hunt in a very remote part of Jackson County. I went out to one of my stands...
  7. B

    Picky Deer?

    Just went out to hang my last stand today and noticed the mineral licks I placed out roughly a month or more ago appear untouched, other than what appears to be naturally falling off from moisture. Is there a reason they aren't giving them attention? I know theres quite a bit of acorns around...
  8. B

    2nd Season Shotgun Personal Best

    Went out to my stand Saturday morning. I was sitting in my stand for roughly a half an hour when I saw my first deer. I watched a medium sized eight for several minutes before I decided to pass. At one point I had my sights on him and almost pulled the trigger. As soon as I let him go, I got...
  9. B

    Question about climbers?

    Just bought a small chunk of land and am using a climber. I used to hunt public land and would take my climber with when I left, but now am letting it stay. Just curious on your thoughts about leaving the scent on the climber? The Buck I'm gunnin for seems to move every time I move my climber...
  10. B

    Roaming buck or not??

    Hi All, I'm a new member and thought I would pose a question to you all. This is my second year of bowhunting, and although I've learned a lot I still know I have a lot to learn. I was out last night on some awesome property when the biggest buck I have ever seen stepped out about 40 yards...
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