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Search results

  1. Hawk32

    HSB 610 Nonresident Landowner Tags

    Throw enough sh!t at the wall hope some of it eventially sticks. Stupid.
  2. Hawk32

    IBA Srping Banquet

    Tickets are on sale. Visit website for more info. Date is Sat March 26th at Ramada Inn Des Moines. Website with more info http://www.iowabowhunters.org/springbanquet.html
  3. Hawk32

    Questionw for guys with fenced in plots

    What volts/jules do you recommend. Looking at thiesens there is a wide range of fencers.
  4. Hawk32

    Questionw for guys with fenced in plots

    Looking for info on fencers for food plots. I saw hooyman sells a 1/2 acre hot zone for little over $200. That seems cheap in comparison to an approximate price at Thiesens. Have 3 plots would really like to fence off. One is maybe 3/4 acre others are 1/2 maybe less. Deer typically hammer...
  5. Hawk32

    Land prices / insane!!!

    Sure hope it happens. Finally at a solid point with enough saved up and invested to be able to make the jump and purchase something if the right piece would come up but these prices are ridiculous. I passed on few pieces the last couple years not convinced they were the "one" and now I'm kicking...
  6. Hawk32

    I’ve created a monster!!!

    Boys aren't supposed to have electronics in their room. The other day I caught my oldest on his phone in his room. I started to get on his case till he told me he was watching a hunting video. Carry on.
  7. Hawk32

    SF 2011 Youth Season Deer Tag Sales

    I did the same thing few years ago. Spaced off and forgot to get their youth tags not knowing you couldn't buy them outside of youth season.
  8. Hawk32

    Mineral question

    I cut some 50 gallon drums in half. Raised block up so wasn't sitting in water and was visible. Deer wouldn't go near them.
  9. Hawk32

    Barnes Spitfire MZ bullets

    I've had good luck with 300 grain expanders. Get good blood trails with
  10. Hawk32

    Late Season Bow Kill

    Congrats Ishi.
  11. Hawk32

    2021- the BIZARRE Year!!!!

    My son has heard deer coughing and hacking on a couple sits while hunting, something's going on. I actually had the same thing 2 or 3 different times. I think it was 3 bucks and 1 doe if I remember right. Probably not that uncommon though.
  12. Hawk32

    2021- the BIZARRE Year!!!!

    I would agree with most of what has been said as far as an off or weird year. Cameras were slow all year with not much of any real quality deer. I chalked it up to a down year for age structure in the area. Hunted harder than I have ever been able to because of my work schedule. Mostly late...
  13. Hawk32

    Shotgun hunting/ hunter harassment question.

    Me personally I'd be sitting there waiting for them to pull in to hunt and confront them all face to face. I'd let them know there are hunters in there already and if there are shots fired across the fence there is going to be major problems. If you have a good relationship with your CO see if...
  14. Hawk32

    2021 Trapline

    That's cool. Good luck.
  15. Hawk32


    Good luck I think you are one the right track. There will be some upset people if he's throwing around the I'm a member of the Iowa Coonhunters association I can do what I want type of attitude. I've been a member as well for a long time and I know there are people in that organization trying...
  16. Hawk32


    I agree look like coyote dogs. Wouldn't think if they were coon dogs they would be running loose during the day, especially with collars on. I get how frustrating it is but the SSS method more than likely will get you in a heap of trouble with those gps collars on them. No collars different...
  17. Hawk32

    The "orange army"

    Like trapshooter1 stated the orange army is one of the main reasons I have for the love for of hunting. For me as a kid it went way beyond the couple days of 1st gun (3 if I skipped school). I was blessed to have a couple mentors in our group that taught me way more than just killing a deer...
  18. Hawk32

    Cams still slow

    Same thing here. I took Monday off work sat all day saw 2 does with fawns the entire day. Was pretty much horrible. Sunday wasn't much better. Cams have been slow at times as well.
  19. Hawk32

    COVID deer

    That probably explains why the buck I saw in the field the other night was coughing and the other 2 bucks kept their distance from him. :)
  20. Hawk32

    What broadheads you use?

    I should have added to my post that I have used slick tricks for a lot of years. I've been more than happy with them. Fly great for me and have gotten the job done many times. I bought a package of sevr as well to try.
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