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Search results

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    HF 2069 cost of registering canoes and kayaks

    They were going to try that in Illinois but it did not make it as most people would claim they were from another state or just run onto a island or onto the bank so as to not be in the water. Then the state was going to try to make anyone that was even wading in the water get a day permit to use...
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    Most visible arrow fletching & wrap- alternative to lighted nocks?

    I have my arrows dip painted for 6" with florescent white and then have 2 4" white flech and one nock Flo pink 4" placed. I am not a big fan of carbon and use mainly Aluminum and have been satisfied with them for the last 30 some years. Still using a older Martin Jag setup at 60# and have...
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    Multifloral Rose

    I have mowed the 5 acre patch 3 times the first yea. Then only twice the next 2 years. This year I have only mowed it once, and the multi-flower rose has been almost disappeared. I only sprayed the acreage one time the second year to get rid of the milkweed that had come up. I used 2-4-d...
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    Coyotes and Bobcats

    Went out early this morning. Time for me and my friends to do more damage to the coyotes, as I saw 7 of them while in my deer stand . They have killed off most all the small ground animals and birds. Never used to have coyotes while I was younger, but in the last 2 years they have killed almost...
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    Coyotes and Bobcats

    i haveve never seen a bobcat near my area in many years. Lots of coyotes in the past but me and a few friends have put a BIG dent in them over the last 4 years. I have been seeing several nice bucks and does with young ones with them. Have one young one with spots still on it, as it was born in...
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    Boomless sprayers

    As Sligh states, getting a larger PSI pump along with the adjustable pressure valce for the boom, for the sprayer you have would be the cheapest and best for your setup. I have about the same setup as you and have had very good luck with it. I normally run 3 MPH with 40 LBS. of pressure to the...
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    First cat

    You might want to put some stickup bed areas in other parts of the pound. Placing road grade stakes into the bottom every 6 to 6 inches will give the crappie a great place to spawn and they will like the cover also. Just make them so the stakes are standing straight up and just below the water a...
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    Considering Move to Eastern Iowa

    There are some homes for sale near Clinton IA. that are north of town some, that might be close to what you are looking for. A weekend drive in the area between Clinton and Sabula or asking the local barkeeper or resturant server is sometimes the best ways of finding out about some homes...
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    Why is it that only hunters, trappers pay the Habitat Fee?

    More tax dollars can be generated by enforcing the required registration sticker laws for boats. snowmobiles, ATV's, UTV's, and the fee for any boats or non motor form of transportation on all government owned property, waterway, and right of ways in the state. The runners, hikers, roller...
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    Predator control

    Trap all of the dirty dogs you can. They can have up to two litters a year and anywhere from 1 to 10 pups in a litter. They are like rabbits and add up quickly. The egg robers are as bad also, and catching all of them you can when legal is good. makes for more birds.
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    Percentage Holding

    All the deer that were in my timber have moved to larger close timbers. It did not help when the boys from the city drove all the way along side of mu timber to get to a small patch that they lease that is only a 6 acre patch, and park their trucks 25 yards or less from their tree stands. The...
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    Older but not dead yet.

    Older but not dead yet.
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    Old friend

    The old gal must have gotten smart at a very early age. It is always nice to see a old friend make it thru hunting season. Her time now is very limited if she is as old as you say. Good things do happen, and she seems to be one of those.
  14. O

    Looking for sprayer

    I did as you have when I first started food plots. After hitting a few trees with the fold out booms, and having to repair them, they got so bad that there was no way to fix them without replacing them. Then while at the local farm supply I found out about the boom less sprayers and could not...
  15. O


    Slpgh has given the best info a person wanting to sell logs can get. Some reading on the state DNR site will give one more insight also. The hiring of a good forester will pay in the long run, and you should not be disappointed. After the sale the real work begins in cleaning up any left tops...
  16. O

    Planting fire break seed into seeded Rye

    If you plan on planting a clover cover crop, or a seed used for deer food plots, then I would wait till the rye is up some and mow it off, then plant the cover crop. You could end up with a extra bonus of better hunting and a late green food crop for the wildlife.
  17. O

    Anyone done their own logging?

    A search of your states DNR forestry web site might be of better info as to the questions you have. I have researched the same questions as you and found almost all the answers about selling timber that I have. Takes some research, and reading , but well worth the time.
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    gun theft

    Sorry for your loss. I have found that if there are any pawn shops fairly close to your location, that a look in them, might be where the thieves dumped the guns for cash. I have recovered items stolen from my shop in at least 3 different pawn shops that were less than 40 miles from my shop. Do...
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