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Search results

  1. sep0667

    Timber Stand Improvment

    Can you go more into detail on how cost share works? I have contacted my forester, just need to arrange a time to meet and look the property over. When you say you submitted an invoice and received payment, what do you mean by that? So they come out, mark trees etc and you do the work or hire...
  2. sep0667

    HSB 610 Nonresident Landowner Tags

    Enforcing/monitoring this seems to be about impossible. Even if it passes, wont happen.
  3. sep0667

    SSB 3050 Mowing highway right of ways

    Pheasants definitely will nest in ditches. There are several ditches i walk each fall pheasant hunting that they nest in. Not much habitat for them to nest in some places other than brushy ditches.
  4. sep0667

    HF 2069 cost of registering canoes and kayaks

    Nice, I get about the same amount of miles and have done the past seven ragbrai's
  5. sep0667

    HF 2069 cost of registering canoes and kayaks

    Just to rub it in a bit, love me some Iowa bike trails!!!
  6. sep0667

    HF 2069 cost of registering canoes and kayaks

    They are working on that. $1 for every pound over 200.
  7. sep0667

    HF 2069 cost of registering canoes and kayaks

    Water displacement, its a big deal
  8. sep0667

    Free Food Plot Seed Corn

    sent you a message
  9. sep0667

    Land prices / insane!!!

    As long as you are not near retirement seeing the market drop is a good thing. Just three weeks into the year and my 401k is down thousands and thats perfectly fine with me, means i'm buying shares while they are on sale.
  10. sep0667

    TheMadCatter’s 2022 Adventure Thread

    That is an awesome room!
  11. sep0667

    11th Hour Buck

    Cool buck, awesome brows
  12. sep0667

    Leasing out Tillable

    They should help with finding someone to do that ( i have no equipment) and help with the costs, from what I have read/heard talking with a couple people
  13. sep0667

    Leasing out Tillable

    Probably lease out to tillable for 2022. Upon doing a little bit of research it seems I have to have owned the property for 12 months before I could enroll anything into crp etc. I think I would like to get it into some different crp options. I have a lot to learn. Sort of tough to know what...
  14. sep0667

    Wyoming Elk

    I have two points and am debating on what to do. For having to wait as long as it takes to get enough points I want to do what will give me the best odds. This will be a dream hunt for me, its not all about the kill...but thats sort of my main objective, harvest an elk.
  15. sep0667

    Leasing out Tillable

    Seems sort of complicated for something that also seems so simple. I feel dumb :). Right now I dont think I want to leave any standing crop, just want to rent out the tillable for a profit to help pay the bill for now. Seems multi-year lease seems to be the way to go, how many years is normal...
  16. sep0667

    Leasing out Tillable

    Question on renting out tillable ground. How do most of you go about renting out the tillable acres on your ground to a farmer? Do you have a legal contract written up by a lawyer, good ol'boys handshake etc? I have talked with a couple of people and have heard both. Just wondering what is...
  17. sep0667

    New guy from Sask

    I miss seeing Saskguy post on here. He always had some awesome stories and pictures. I'm jealous of the variety of big game up there.
  18. sep0667

    Wide 3.5 year old bucks with short tines

    I doubt he will get much more tine length. But, I bet he will start to pack on mass and some stickers here and there. I'm odd, I sort of like racks that are a little more unique like that, i think he could be a cool looking buck.
  19. sep0667


    I'm no expert on land purchases or sure exactly what you are referring to, but these are the things I was looking at and considering: Know what you can afford, and more importantly are comfortable with as far as payments. Nothing else matters if you don't know this. Early on I wasted to much...
  20. sep0667

    Hunting product ideas…. Random thought/business??….

    If you have a good idea and are passionate about it go for it, especially if you think you can make a profit. Sounds like you already have the ground work with storage and connections. If there is a product that seems good i'm interested in it, but it feels like what else could there be to be...
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