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Search results

  1. Nrharris

    Looking to build a portable wagon blind.

    We don't insulate them. We put little buddy heaters in them, but try not to run them because they fog up the windows. We keep a small 6 inch squiggee in each shack to clean windows off. We primarily hunt late muzzleloader in them and most days stay plenty warm if you dressed right, but would be...
  2. Nrharris

    Fish stocking recommendations.

    We did put 30 pounds of fathead minnows in this past fall. We should have put more in, but the water wasn't all that deep yet and were worried they might freeze out, but the water came up a lot before it froze over.
  3. Nrharris

    Fish stocking recommendations.

    We are planning ahead for stocking my dad's new pond this spring. Right now we are looking at north star hatchery, Jim frey hatchery, and Beemer fisheries for places to get fish from. Do any of you guys have experience with any of these places or somewhere else you could recommend? Looking at...
  4. Nrharris

    Looking to build a portable wagon blind.

    I found pictures of my shacks without them in the wagons but it gives you an idea of what they are like. Also we put carpet in them to make them a lot quieter. Also for next year I am going to paint them black inside and rig up some curtains. The biggest thing is to make sure they don't see your...
  5. Nrharris

    Looking to build a portable wagon blind.

    What we have done, and have 5 of, is build a 6x6 shack and put it in a barge box or similar type wagon and just put 4 chunks of angle iron to hold it down and keep it from sliding around. They work great and have 2 more wagons we plan on building more shacks for next year. 6x6 is a nice size so...
  6. Nrharris

    Sandhill Cranes

    My pic is from western benton county. I have heard them while duck hunting by Chelsea and Parkersburg, but they were a long ways off. It's on my bucket list to go hunt them somewhere.
  7. Nrharris

    Sandhill Cranes

    I got one this past spring on camera. I had never even seen them flying through here before this spring.
  8. Nrharris

    Tips on re-attaching antlers

    I posted about my buddy shooting a good buck in muzzie season and that he was going to euro mount it. One antler snapped off when he shot it. The other popped off during the course of butchering. Do you guys have any tips on attaching the antlers back to the skull after it's all cleaned up? Will...
  9. Nrharris

    New world starting today!!

    I know the grain market is not impressed by this new world.
  10. Nrharris

    Memorable hunt with my best friend.

    I am a little behind as this hunt happened over a week ago. I got to spend a hunt sitting with my best friend in one of my homemade shacks sitting over corn stalks covered in snow. The original plan was I was hunting for a trophy buck, but I told Sean he could shoot a doe if there were any in...
  11. Nrharris

    Bowmar at it again....

    I had the same thought. I never knew they had to be cased.
  12. Nrharris

    2018 Farm Bill

    I wouldn't think there would be too much competition from new crp for competition with commodity prices where they are. I don't have much experience with crp, but do with farming. In my opinion prices are high enough that some ground that may have went back to crp before, will be broke out and...
  13. Nrharris

    Who has been on the ice & what are you catching?

    Dad hit one of our farm ponds over the weekend. Had 5 inches of ice. Bluegills were 8 inches. Crappies were 10 inches. Biting was fast and furious. I would love to go, but I'm more focused on trying to get a big boy with the smoke pole for a couple weeks yet.
  14. Nrharris

    Pheasants anyone?

    The numbers are definitely up in this area. We finished harvesting corn yesterday and the last 35 acres had at least 25 roosters fly out. Haven't seen this many birds during harvest for a long long time. Also caught 2 trespassers. Grrr. Takes some balls to walk a crick you don't have permission...
  15. Nrharris

    Rut report 2020

    My number one hit list buck is chasing a doe right now in a cut bean field right now. I type this sitting in the seat of a semi. Maybe later he will bed down somewhere and I can try to sneak up on him. Seeing deer everywhere this morning. Not sure if its the rut or that a lot of their hiding...
  16. Nrharris

    HUSH Program Lockers Down??

    Did you check Kramer's in Laporte city?
  17. Nrharris

    Beans up BIGLY

    China is buying beans like crazy. I think there are other factors, but I think that is the main one.
  18. Nrharris

    Fall Prep for CRP

    If it was me, I would put some 24d and/or dicamba in there with it. That would get any marestail if they have germinated. They are tough little buggers but easily controlled with 24d or dicamba.
  19. Nrharris

    Gly drift

    I wouldnt worry at all at that distance.
  20. Nrharris

    Gly drift

    I wouldn't think it will drift very far if only 2 ft off the ground. What style tips you use can make a big difference. Flat fans will drift more than some others that have a bigger droplet size. You could always add a drift control agent if you were worried about it.
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