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Search results

  1. Hardwood11

    Looking for small tract of land.

    Good luck . Not seeing many on the market?
  2. Hardwood11

    Bucks fighting, why the Increase?

    I would guess it’s based on the number of mature bucks on your farm? Has that increased?
  3. Hardwood11

    Cabin osb coverings

    Knotty pine, rough cut wood like aspen or oak...bin metal all good options. I am doing a bathroom in MN with rough cut oak from Iowa, and corrugated steel/ribbed steel. Rephrase that (I am having someone do the bathroom for me) I don't have those skills!
  4. Hardwood11

    New world starting today!!

    I think the world was scarier during the times of war, but never been so divided due to social media. It’s not right to censor Conservatives and it is a bad sign for our country.
  5. Hardwood11


  6. Hardwood11

    Back from the Taxidermist

    Whoaaa ... huge 8 Congrats
  7. Hardwood11

    New world starting today!!

    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have taken a bath the last 2 days...100 billion wiped off the books in 2 days.
  8. Hardwood11

    2018 Farm Bill

    Good point, I have all kinds of CRP habitat right now that I was told would not qualify, after I pressed the issue, hmmm yep it qualified.
  9. Hardwood11

    2018 Farm Bill

    I don't mean to pry, but did you add in your continuous CRP options to the field that will be a guarantee with no bid...quail buffers, prairie strips etc...
  10. Hardwood11

    Thoughts on Facebook, in general and for here?

    I would guess conservatives will create their own sites, Parler etc...new web services, competitors to Google. There will be money to made 75 million voted for Trump, many of them would move to a conservative site? That is my plan, I have never been on Facebook or Twitter, with the exception of...
  11. Hardwood11

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    I have a CRP farm in MN. Actually it is a combo, 130 acres, which breaks down to about 70 acres of CRP, 40 wooded, food plots, plus low land. Borders an enormous swampy tamarack nasty area. The deer use my CRP almost the same if not more than the timber. I am a big fan, but always like to see...
  12. Hardwood11

    New world starting today!!

    I think it will go up for part of the year, then a pull back .
  13. Hardwood11

    New world starting today!!

    Yes I do.
  14. Hardwood11

    The “survivors” & leaving cams up...

    Sad...MN went way too far with CWD
  15. Hardwood11

    New world starting today!!

    I think the stock market will follow soon, it might start out fine with the extra stimulus, but confidence levels will drop.
  16. Hardwood11

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    How would you compare your CRP farm to your past farm? Do you like to hunt CRP and/or is it as good?
  17. Hardwood11

    The “survivors” & leaving cams up...

    We keep a couple of cameras going all year as well, survivors, turkeys, trespassers. It is just fun to see what it going on.
  18. Hardwood11

    Coyote problem

    Shoot em! I think it helps save a few fawns
  19. Hardwood11

    Coyote problem

    2021---how do your coyote situations look?? Pretty bad where we are in my area, maybe not quite what is was like in this trail cam pic, but plenty.
  20. Hardwood11

    Unfortunate find

    Holy crap, wow!
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