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Search results

  1. Sligh1

    % dropped antlers? Part of state, deer #’s & food?

    Think it varies by region a lot. & if u do or do not have food, etc. No doubt they dropping early where ive got cameras up. I’ll still wait long time to shed hunt but folks can chime in here over time on the progress. Generics of what area & any details like “no food left” or “high or low...
  2. Sligh1

    IBA Banquet

    Anyone that hasn’t gone before .... join IBA & go.
  3. Sligh1

    New world starting today!!

    All points stated are pretty fair & either “side” of guys reading this- my gut says u all “get it” & will make it through “whatever” as u are go getters & folks that know how to “survive”. yes - I get it too.... we will hear lots of theories or predictions and no one knows what will happen...
  4. Sligh1

    Early shed year? Brother’s buck shed at shot

    My buddy has big farm & a smaller farm SE of Des Moines about 30 mins.... he knows his stuff & follows things close. his big farm ran out of food a while ago. His words “I’m 100% shed. Never seen anything like it”. Pretty high deer #’s. Other farm has a little food left & lil less deer. Said...
  5. Sligh1

    Memorable hunt with my best friend.

    Yes!!!! All the elements of a perfect hunt. Congrats & way to wrap up a season!
  6. Sligh1

    SF 112 Changes to the Forest Reserve Program

    A tax hike on top of a tax hike!!! rural iowa got pummeled with tax increases in last 3 years. The poorest counties in iowa had farm taxes go up around 20-40%. They went up during a time that grain prices plummeted along with cash rents & new crp rates. Just fantastic timing!!! The everyday...
  7. Sligh1

    New world starting today!!

    401k & Ira in stocks. Leave em long term but I’m not a fan at all!!!! & I get it folks ..... folks get sick of politics. Me included. But- as a community- I think it’s great we share advice here on how to navigate the coming storm. & no doubt it’s a storm. still say- lock in sensibly...
  8. Sligh1

    Broad Heads HONESTLY !

    Very cool & awesome opportunity for younger/newer hunters!
  9. Sligh1

    Winter success on hunt to remember....

    Got the sad news. Take the time to make those memories. RIP my friend. You will be missed & im glad we got to do this & spend the time together!
  10. Sligh1

    Another switchgrass question!

    2 acres. Either is fine - drill or frost seed. As long as not tons of snow .... February is probably ideal. Later february. Ideally want 4 weeks of freezing & thawing. Timing for that is regional for sure - MO vs MN for example will be a couple weeks difference.
  11. Sligh1

    Learn anything new in 2020?

    Very cool!!!!! & great topic!!! Off top of head..... I killed 1st bow buck out of Blind - no other option. Old dogs can learn new tricks. I’m a stubborn treestand loving fool & probably always will be. But can change how things are done. adding more alfalfa on the farm. For tracking a deer...
  12. Sligh1

    IBA Membership Link- 2019

    Great site & membership to be clicking on right now. Hope some of these bills are motivation enough. It’s time folks - spend a couple minutes joining the IBA & joining to keep iowa great!!!
  13. Sligh1

    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    OH MY GOSH!!!! I can’t believe I’m reading this. Ya - “here we go again” is right!! Must be stopped!!!!!! This is a hybrid of what KS experimented with. It’s also a huge leap forward to turning Iowa into Illinois - which the run of the mill land incrementally turned into a outfitted hunted...
  14. Sligh1

    SF 39 and 40 Disabled Veterans

    Thanks for posting. Knee jerk reaction with no nitty gritty details - appears like a patriotic “thank u” type of bill. I hope that’s what it is.
  15. Sligh1

    Crop prices, inputs & interest rates...

    2 buddies who did “pretty well” were planning building houses in last 12 months. Both stopped. & way more folks out there didn’t stop though. Building like crazy here. the 2 that stopped both said their quotes or costs went up like 20%. So much that they said “no way. I’m gonna stay where...
  16. Sligh1

    Unfortunate find

    Oh my gosh! Yep - tough find!!!!! We had same thing with a buddy... he was out and pry his best 4 year old he passed all year could hardly walk.... Septic and had tine holes in his guts. Shot him and rack came off. Bummer!!!!
  17. Sligh1

    Early shed year? Brother’s buck shed at shot

    Agree!!!!! I agree with folks who think it’s little more shed & earlier. & agree “we hear this every year” but this year u r spot on IMO. Doesn’t change anything really but agree. I started getting them shed in early December. just a GUESSTIMATE but I’d guess.... 20-25% r shed now. Vs...
  18. Sligh1


    FEBRUARY 10!!!!! Get em up in pma section!! Some SLAMMERS posted up and entered. Wow. Get em up!!!!!
  19. Sligh1

    Crop prices, inputs & interest rates...

    I ordered some cow manure. It’s going to end up being cheaper than conventional PLUS it has all the micros, organic matter, etc. Locally we ran out of hog & chicken so I’m hauling this about 12 miles. Still better than conventional in both ways- cost & effectiveness.
  20. Sligh1

    Bowmar at it again....

    We have located deerman54... in all seriousness but with respect for privacy I do know who it is. ;). Yes. I do. No joke. But I won’t reply in kind. & I do need to clarify- it’s NOT someone in leadership of IFC - to be fair. Yes- I do know who this is. Not kidding. I will not post his info...
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