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Search results

  1. Daver

    Fox Catching Mouse video added

    Dang it. No wonder I can't find Speedy Gonzalez cartoons anymore! The fox ate him. :) Watching a fox, or coyote, "mouse" is quite entertaining, especially in snow. Thanks for sharing. Also, an FWIW, we had a pair of reds trot through the front yard of our shop last week, in town, in far...
  2. Daver

    Cabin osb coverings

    I have barn board up on several walls in my cabin that I preserved from some old barns I once had on my property. Interior walls that are not barn board are regular drywall. Exterior walls are OSB, which I have painted and am fine with that.
  3. Daver

    Fish stocking recommendations.

    My understanding is that a large percentage of the hybrid BG are male, although NOT sterile, they can reproduce. Reproduction is muted though and it is expected that supplemental stocking will be required from time to time. I would recommend going to the Blyzo Fish Farm website, BLYZO FISH...
  4. Daver

    Fish stocking recommendations.

    Above is exactly what I stocked in my pond, about 2-1/2 surface acres, in 2017. In Nov of 2020, I was catching catfish up to 18", crappies at 13" YAY!, bass at 18" and bluegills at 9'ish inches. I see some of the grass carp swimming around sometimes and they are about 25" to 30" I would say. I...
  5. Daver

    Bully buck deadhead

    I think you are right by the looks of things. I have seen the same type of thing in past years at my place...it happens.
  6. Daver

    New world starting today!!

    Laugh at me all you want...but years ago when my boys were small I felt like it was important to make sure that they could raise a garden, skin a deer, trap fur, catch and clean fish, shoot a bow and a gun, build things with their own hands, etc, etc. Of course it didn't hurt that I liked to do...
  7. Daver

    Sandhill Cranes

    No pics of them ever, but I do remember a duck hunt several years ago where we did see some in the area around the Coralville Res, which was quite unusual. I don't recall seeing them in Eastern Iowa before or since. But that day was the day after a BIG BLOW from the NW and every fowl on the...
  8. Daver

    I can post a pic by uploading right from phone!!!!

    OK...I recently bought a retired fire truck from the City of Coralville. To my surprise, I found out just the next day that I had been added to a calendar featuring buff firemen. :)
  9. Daver

    Winter success on hunt to remember....

    Great reminder...sorry to hear about your friend Skip. Many of us are now old enough that multiple people that we are close to have passed on. It changes what is important when you know how truly fragile and precious life is. For the guys that are 20'something now and just like I was back in...
  10. Daver

    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    Correct. ^^ First it will 500 tags, then 1000, then 2500, etc, etc. This needs to be stopped.
  11. Daver

    Early shed year? Brother’s buck shed at shot

    It does seem like there may be more shedding early this year, but some do every year. I can remember finding a fresh shed once during 2nd shotgun season. I also helped a guy drag out a late muzzy kill on Christmas morning once and the antlers came off in our hands. So it happens some every...
  12. Daver

    Pin Oaks

    I too would generally leave pin oaks alone. Deer will eat those acorns, although perhaps not as quickly as they would go after white oak acorns. :) Also, pin oaks are often excellent trees for stands as the leaves will hang on way later in a pin oak and help hide you.
  13. Daver

    2020 Indiana Buck

    Great buck! Congrats!
  14. Daver

    2020 archery buck

    Beauty! Congrats!
  15. Daver

    Prescribed Burn and Fencing

    Been there. ^^ :) Also, as I looked at the picture again I see that it appears that you have some other hardwood trees in the field , surrounded by grass. For shorter grass fires, like brome, I wouldn't be concerned that the fire would damage a mature HW tree that it burns past. However, with...
  16. Daver

    Prescribed Burn and Fencing

    Although I have not worked with high tensile fence, I have done many burns over the years and I wouldn't burn through it if it were me. You could just mow it short right next to the fence and while it probably will burn what remains, it will be far less heat on the fence than if you let it ride...
  17. Daver

    A CWD story & incident in deer pen - long ways from here but interesting....

    Hmmm...I am not a fan of highly concentrated deer farms, so that perhaps clouds my perspective...but, if that is how it really went down then I think that is pretty heavy handed by the gubmint. Many, thankfully not all, people are pretty indifferent to government overreach these days. It's...
  18. Daver

    Son connected!

    Great times! Congrats to all!
  19. Daver

    Podcasts that are excellent?

    I have started listening to Don Higgins' podcasts lately and I think he is as well informed and knowledgeable of a land/wildlife manager as anyone I can think of.
  20. Daver

    What to plant in my wetland area

    FWIW...I live within a mile of said field ^^ and know the people that own it. I rarely see pheasants in that area these days...so it does not seem to me to be a "pheasant magnet", at least from what I can see. That being said, there are few pheasants seen from Iowa City all the way down Hwy1...
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