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Search results

  1. in2harrisonCO

    Early season tactics

    Archery season is closely upon us. What are your early season techniques? I hunt drainage ditches and the same funnels I hunt during the rut.
  2. in2harrisonCO

    Iowa deer Classic

    This will be my first year attending the festivities. Any tips, pointers, and highlights that a first timer should be aware of? What is your favorite part of the show. I'm looking to start an open discussion.
  3. in2harrisonCO

    Southwest Iowa Outfitters

    Has anyone noticed that this guide offers a fair chase hunt that has a $10,500 price tag if you shoot a buck over 180"? They must offer world class meals. LMAO
  4. in2harrisonCO

    2014 Rut Predictions poll

    Every year is a little different, every year is a little similar to the season prior. I have been hearing that the rut of 2013 was sort of a trickle rut??? With that being said like always I seen my best action from Halloween until November 9th. And for 2014 I'm going to go out on the limb...
  5. in2harrisonCO

    Hardest hit EHD area's

    Over the past couple years I'm under the impression that Western and Southern Iowa were the hardest effected by EHD, is this a fair assumption?
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