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Search results

  1. shooter72

    Decoy bag for multiple decoys

    I purchased the dsd turkey flock after last year’s turkey season. Each decoy came with its own bag. I was hoping to put all the decoys in their original bag and then put them in a larger bag for ease of transport. Does anyone have a recommendation on a bag?
  2. shooter72

    Hot Deals Thread!

    Dang, I missed the DSD turkey decoy sale at bass pro. Can you ever find these decoys on sale anywhere else?
  3. shooter72

    Lone Wolf and Sticks for sale

    Where are you Located?
  4. shooter72

    Turkey Tail Saver

    Tracker15 has the Best Buy that I've seen
  5. shooter72

    Turkey Tail Saver

    I've had mine for 4 years or so and I got it from a buddy. Let me ask him and see if I can get some answers for you.
  6. shooter72

    Turkey Tail Saver

    I have one. They are great. Lightweight and easy to carry out in the field.
  7. shooter72

    Broadcasting Switchgrass Question

    I think I'm going to try to broadcast the switchgrass soon. Last question: I have read that year old switchgrass seed will break dormancy. The switchgrass that I purchased has a test date of May 2015. I assume then that this switchgrass would be a year old. Does this mean I can broadcast it...
  8. shooter72

    Broadcasting Switchgrass Question

    We recently drilled some CP25 into a worked crop field. We have now decided we want to plant some switchgrass in this field, however we no longer have a drill available to use. My question is, can I still broadcast switchgrass into the loose soil. I understand that it is not stratified and will...
  9. shooter72

    Taxidermist Fraud

    I sent a pheasant to Rich in December 2013. The following year and a half I had an extremely difficult time getting ahold of him. He had informed me my mount was done late last fall 2014. I set up multiple arangements to pick up my bird and he would fail to show up time after time. Once every...
  10. shooter72

    Pressured birds

    Also, over the years I've noticed that lone toms are much easier to call in. If they are in a group, especially with a few hens, calling the toms in tends to be much more difficult.
  11. shooter72

    Devils Lake

    Woodland Resort is a great place. Very nice cabins. I have stayed there in the fall and wouldn't hesitate to go back. The fish cleaning house is second to none.
  12. shooter72

    Dog Trailer

    I'll take pics as well. [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  13. shooter72


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the blaze orange needs to be solid. His is not.
  14. shooter72

    Alpine Archery customer service

    Boy you're hard on things :)
  15. shooter72

    Six, And Then Some

    So, how about that video?
  16. shooter72

    Six, And Then Some

    That is awesome
  17. shooter72

    Turkey Action

    How is the first weekend of youth season looking for turkey hunting? I was hoping to get the neighbor boys out April 6th to lay some turkeys down. Is anybody seeing any birds strutting or hearing any gobbling?
  18. shooter72

    2012 Harvest Photo Contest

    Sorry to hear that Muddy
  19. shooter72

    land owner tags

    If you have a land owner tag, can you party hunt on any piece of land or only hunt on your land?
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