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    Tree puller vs. shears

    We have a 70hp ASV skid loader. Our farm has a bunch of ERC, honey locust and hedge/osage orange that need thinning. Some small diameter up to 24”+. I’ve seen a few vids on here of guys using tree pullers. We are also considering a tree shear. A bit more expensive, but seems to be more...
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    High school and middle school archery

    So, my youngest daughter (8th grade) chose to go out for archery this year for the first time. It’s been a great experience for her. Their middle school and high school team both qualified for nationals. So here we are in Salt Lake City this weekend. Any others from IW have kids in level...
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    Researching bibs: Sitka vs First Lite vs Cabelas

    Fellow Iowans, With the temps dropping, I’ve been saving my pennys for some late season gear. Being a bit of a spreadsheet geek, I put together a comparison chart. If it helps others, thought I’d post it here...
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    Team 8 - Hey there!

    Hey All, I’m Chad and I’m hunting Adams & Cass county (Iowa) this year. My 12yo daughter got her first deer the other night. Yep, you could say I’m a proud dad. [emoji846] Where are you all from? Looking forward to a fun season! gersdorf , moosehunter , 203ntyp , DMarley83 Sent from my...
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    Volunteer buckwheat

    We rollercrimped and sprayed the buckwheat and drilled peas/beans and brassicas Aug. 8. Sept 9 we over seeded WR with hand spreader after getting no rain. Checked yesterday and it looks like the rye, peas, beans and brassicas are all coming up. BUT even thicker it looks like buckwheat is...
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