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Search results

  1. 4 Buck

    Login problems

    I can't login using any of computers at home. Am I the only user? Hate using my phone.... Hope someone is looking into it the issue
  2. 4 Buck

    Carter/Tru Ball Thumb releases-->FS

    All releases are in excellent condition, fully functional and set up for FOUR fingers. Carter Chocolate Addiction--- $150 TYD Carter Insatiable 2---$125 TYD Accept Cash, Check or Paypal. If you send a check, know that it needs to clear before I will ship... Send me a pm if interested.....
  3. 4 Buck

    Crossbows soon to be legal???

    On the news tonight. Up to big Terry to make the decision. http://whotv.com/2014/04/08/busy-day-school-radon-testing-among-bills-heading-to-governors-desk/
  4. 4 Buck

    Poacher Screen

    I am looking for ideas on what you guys are using for a permanent screen along your roadways to keep the local poachers from sticking the barrel out the window. I know a lot of you guys are using EW but that is only temporary. I will have to go the EW route im guessing for quite a few years...
  5. 4 Buck

    Video Cameras

    What do you guys recommend and/or what are you using? Dont have a huge budget, but would like to get something nice in HD and have a decent zoom Thanks guys.....
  6. 4 Buck

    Hard horns already!

    Better check your trail cams boys. Just went out and changed a few cards that i haven't touched for awhile and got this one from 3 days ago..... Bad pic i know. Only one with velvet coming off tho..
  7. 4 Buck

    Age and score guess....

    After lockdown i have been getting quite a few pics of this guy..... Had an encounter with him on the 20th at less than 20 yards and couldn't get a shot...i wanted to cry like a little girl! Whats the guess and his score and age??? Didn't know if he would make the 170 mark or not. He is an...
  8. 4 Buck

    Need ideas.....

    So i am in this long process of insulating and finishing off my garage and i am wanting to put in some kind of system for hanging multiple deer in there. I got 12' celling so height is not an issue.... I am looking for some pics or ideas on what you guys use whether it be a motor hoist, boat...
  9. 4 Buck

    Age n score help...please

    Do you guys think he will hit 140?? Looks old as heck in the face, body to me looks like a 4.5 Thoughts...
  10. 4 Buck

    Decent card pull

    Finally had time to check cameras today. Last time i did everything was in velvet and man have things changed. Lost a few good ones but picked up a couple decent ones. Hope eveyone likes.... 8 pt This guy lost a few inches during velvet. Lost g2 and more junk off right beam And my hopes...
  11. 4 Buck

    Monster 6pt w/10pt

    Pretty sad when this 6pt makes this 10 pt look like a basket rack! Def an older deer. Look at the mass and the body frame compaired to the 10pt!!!
  12. 4 Buck

    Pulling cameras

    When does everyone start taking down there camera's for the year? I've noticed with this colder weather, my cameras are pretty hard on batteries and the trigger time is pretty slow. I have all ready pulled a couple with low traffic.... When does everyone put them back up? I try and put them...
  13. 4 Buck

    Gotta love 2nd chances!!!

    Took him down for the count on the first day of shotgun 12-5-09. Exactly a month after i hit him with my G5 striker in bow season. After looking him over he had a broadhead hole on both sides of his brisket. Another 2 inches higher and i would've blown out the bottom of his heart. Looking at the...
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