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Search results

  1. IAspurs

    What do you think

    I am fairly new to taxidermy and want to know what you guys think. I shot this deer with my bow this past November. I would really like to hear what I could do differently to make the mount look better. Thanks And here is a picture of a deer I mounted for a buddy just thought I...
  2. IAspurs

    Hang and hunt pays off

    The afternoon of November 12th I decided I was going to head to a part of the farm we rarely hunt. I had several encounters with a deer we call MJ and he always seemed to be coming from to heading to this part of the farm. I headed out early with a pretty good idea of where I was going to hang...
  3. IAspurs

    3-D Shoot Benefit

    I would like to invite all the bow hunters to the 3-D shoot we are having for a 7 year old boy from a neighboring town. At 1.5 he was diagnosed with HIDS, Hyperimmunoglobulinemia D Sydrome. HIDS is a very rare disease. Payton Schultz is among 7 in the U.S. and 150 in the world who have this...
  4. IAspurs

    Ten year drought is over!

    Tonight 11/16/12 I ended my ten year drought. It had been ten years since I had drawn my bow on a buck. Tuesday I passed this deer at 30 yds knowing I had all week to hunt. Friday afternoon I returned to the same stand knowing given the oppertunity I would take the shot this time. I sat in the...
  5. IAspurs

    Youth Big Buck Contest

    The Rack Shack Taxidermy and Antler Repair in North Liberty IA is holding a youth big buck contest this year for hunters 16 and under. First prize is a free shoulder mount. Second prize is $150 off a shoulder mount. There is no entry fee, but a few rules to the contest. All contestants must...
  6. IAspurs

    2010 season

    I thought I would share pictures of our 2010 season. We had a great year and ended up mounting 5 deer. It started on Oct 17 when my mom shot a 5 1/2 yr old 140'' 9 point during early muzz. In the middle of Nov my oldest brother shot a 165'' 10 point with his bow. During the second shotgun season...
  7. IAspurs

    The Phone Call

    Tonight I was hunting by myself when my phone rang. It was my younger brother saying he just got off work and was wondering where I was hunting. I told him and directed him to another stand on the other side of the property. My night was very uneventful only seeing two deer with nothing...
  8. IAspurs

    videos for sale!?!?

    My brother and a good hunting buddy have some awesome footage and would like to sell it. The best that they have so far is of me taking a 189 1/8" 18 point. If you know anyone who would be interested in buying it let us know
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