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Search results

  1. IowaBuckMen

    Bucks, Bobcats, and Birds!

    Just like the title says.. If these last photos were turned a little to the left you would see me and a friend flying up on fourwheelers! Couldn't tell they were all bucks until I got to the camera.
  2. IowaBuckMen

    Good Pull

    My season is over until shotgun season but I left my cameras out anyway just to see what else we had out. I got a nice bundle of pictures from the past couple weeks after I shot my buck. Pictures will get bigger if you click on them. The very last picture ever of Hot Shot Nice...
  3. IowaBuckMen

    Hot Shot is down for the count!

    I had been getting pictures of this buck for the past couple weeks. He would walk by my camera and just stare at the red glow and pose. That's where he got his name hot shot. ----------------------------------------------------------- My biggest buck up to date. Passed...
  4. IowaBuckMen

    Nice 12 pt and couple others

    Went out this morning and saw some does but thats about it. Checked my camera which is just 40 yards from the stand I was hunting to find this guy cruising by this morning before I got there. What would you age&score him at. Hes atleast a 4 year old aint he? Heres a few bucks I...
  5. IowaBuckMen

    Strange genetics

    I haven't gotten much yet this year, but heres a few.
  6. IowaBuckMen

    Iowa Buck Men Teaser *Video

    I just received our video editing software in the mail the other day so this past weekend I have been playing around with it to figure everything out. I sort of came up with a short video segment. A teaser if you will.. I hope you guys enjoy it. We plan on having more videos coming out...
  7. IowaBuckMen

    Cuddeback Attack problems

    Hey all. I bought a brand new cuddeback attack last night.. Well I can't seem to figure this thing out. It doesn't want to put the pictures onto my sc card. Any thoughts?
  8. IowaBuckMen

    IBM Giveaways

    Hey guys, We are having a little contest over on our site. We have posted about it on our facebook page as well. I just wanted to get the word out about it. What we are doing is giving away some small prizes to other hunters on our forums. Some of the prizes will include an IBM t-shirt, IBM...
  9. IowaBuckMen

    Good Ol' Iowa Weather

    Who else is enjoying this amazing freezing rain!? Im just kidding, the rain sucks! Roads were absolutely horrible coming home last night from work. My pickup was wanting to slide down a small slope in the road... Not the most fun times. Also makes it hard to get out to my shed hunting spots!
  10. IowaBuckMen

    Some of our Iowa pictures

    Heres a link to our website that contains some of our trail cam pictures. http://www.iowabuckmen.com/photos/TrailCam/index.php The last couple rows of homebrew pics are from a member on our forums, Iowabucks. He has some great pictures to show off! Hope you guys enjoy the pics. There will...
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