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Search results

  1. 651

    Super spike

  2. 651

    4th Season Tom

    I sit here tonight all alone sipping on a fine Crown Royal. My quest started with Iowa's second season with the goal of pushing Team Old Balls to the top of the heap. Well, I struggled to say the least. I finally got a dandy paint brushed Tom to fan. He came up out of the ditch with all his...
  3. 651


    I think his body makes his rack look small! I would think he would have to be at least 4 1/2?
  4. 651

    Another 8

  5. 651

    Decent 8

    Will he make 140?
  6. 651

    Graduation Bird

    I have been struggling this 4th season to kill a mature tom. They wouldn't fan for [email protected]$. All I could get were jakes.:thrwrck:My son graduates Sunday and we are having the ritual shin dig that evening.The old lady is on my [email protected]$ hard! I had a meeting this morning to that I had to be at so I hit the...
  7. 651

    BrewCrew scores

    He will tell the story!
  8. 651


  9. 651

    Strutting Jake

  10. 651

    Couple Pics

    The one horn wonder showed up a mile from where I got him on cam a few weeks ago. 3rd deer in.
  11. 651

    This had to Hurt

  12. 651

    Nothing Fancy

  13. 651

    Better Pics of decent 10 "Indecent Exposure"

  14. 651

    Decent 10

  15. 651

    Gettin' cleaned up!

  16. 651

    May 27 Card Pull

    Not a bad start. Lots of pics!
  17. 651

    Rare Iowa Bird

    When I was a kid we used to shoot alot of these. I shot 1 rooster in 2009 and a big 0 in 2010. It troubles me that there are no hens with these boys.:(
  18. 651

    December card pull

    These guys should be great next year and by the way the pics were taken by a 2010 trophy cam. I absolutely love it.:drink2:
  19. 651

    Willow 9

    I have one trail cam picture of this buck back in August. I really didn't think he was all that special. He had short brows and that sticker off his G-1. CB602 had seen the buck live on the hoof and said he's a shooter. My 16 year old son bought a 1st season shotgun tag for some reason. We...
  20. 651


    I hope he makes it through the orange wave. My guess he is 2 1/2?
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