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Search results

  1. Bowfisher

    Albino Deer

    Finally I saw him.... He is 3.5 years old and a true albino. Has a small basket rack. Was coming home from hunting Sat evening, crested a hill and headed down when I saw an odd figure in the headlights. As I got closer I realized I was viewing the "famous" albino that lives in Keomah State...
  2. Bowfisher

    Iowa ASA 3D schedule 2021

  3. Bowfisher

    3D Shoot Mahaska County Ike 9/19 & 20

    Saturday the 19th 8AM - 3PM Sunday the 20th 8AM -1PM 40 targets Lunch/drinks available Rangefinders allowed
  4. Bowfisher

    For Sale Xpedition Perfexion

    2016 Xpedition Perfexion - Bow only Right Hand, 60 lbs, adjustable let off up to 85% 36" Axle to Axle 28.5" draw New Catfish Custom Strings a month ago. $400 obo This bow is a sweetheart and a tack driver. It has been my target bow for two and half years. Message here or text 641 five six...
  5. Bowfisher

    3D Shoot Poweshiek County Sportmen Association

    Short notice I apologize. July 4th and 5th ASA sanctioned 25 target 3D course a mile south of Lake Ponderosa at PCSA ASA scoring and classes with a shotgun start of 10 AM Pay outs determined on class size. Please be early to go over rules.
  6. Bowfisher

    Mahaska County Ikes 3D Chili shoot

    Saturday March 30 Mahaska County Ikes 40 target, mostly wooded with some field shots. 8PM to 3PM Hopefully the weather cooperates!
  7. Bowfisher

    First Indoor Tournament

    Wow! I went to my first indoor tournament over in Peoria IL this past weekend. Man there are some guys that can just flat out shoot! Got there Saturday around noon and my initial thoughts were .... I'm not ready for this. The old jitters were running pretty high. Fortunately I ran into some...
  8. Bowfisher

    3D Shoot Mahaska County

    Not sure if this is the correct place to put this, feel free to move it if needed. Mahaska County Ikes will have a 40 target course and free chili this Saturday 3/31 Shooting hours are 8AM till 2PM Nicely cut trails and not too hilly with all targets in very good shape. Something to do...
  9. Bowfisher

    Bought a new toy

    I finally decided I was up to par and could now justify a target bow. I fought with target panic for 20 years and finally went through a process to get rid of it. For the last two years I have been shooting, shooting and shooting. 20+ 3D shoots last summer, and two different winter leagues this...
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