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Search results

  1. P

    Nice rack!

    Liquid gold walmart
  2. P

    Binocular suggestion?

    Vortex or zen ray
  3. P

    Fuse 5 pin slider sold

    Fuse 5 pin slider new in box. I won this and don’t need it The Fuse Flywheel Multi-Pin Slider Sight delivers the peace of mind that comes from having multiple pins in quick-action hunting situations along with the confidence that comes from being able to dial in your sight to the exact yardage...
  4. P

    My Son Connects!

    Nice job!
  5. P

    What's your BH 209 load?

    CVA Accura V2 leupold vx freedom ultimate slam 250 Grain TMZ SPIT FIRE TMZ BH 77.2 by weight
  6. P

    Muddy Bale Blind

    Advantages it is burlap, can be taken off and stored in the summer. Love mine. Windows could be alittle tighter, but overall great blinds. Did take 2 hours to assemble by myself. Lots of nuts and bolts. Metal frame will need to be painted, rust easy. You can move it yourself. Plenty of room in...
  7. P

    No hide shoulder mount

    Most taxidermist have spare capes or Ebay. If you mount with the taxidermist he may give you a discount on the cape.
  8. P

    10-4-2015 Iowa Bow Buck

    Awesome Buck!
  9. P

    South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

    December 4, 5 and 6th.
  10. P

    South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

    Thanks guys, I will do more research on these areas. Brad
  11. P

    South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

    Looking to hunt pheasant in late November or first part of December with my brother and maybe one other person. I have never been to South Dakota pheasant hunting. Looking for advice on public ground, area and any other advice. Thanks in advance.
  12. P

    Iowa youth season 2014

  13. P

    I need of a deer cape!!!

    correct never ever but a doe cape on a buck, they look nothing alike.
  14. P

    I need of a deer cape!!!

    Sounds fair to me!
  15. P

    Any Tall bow hunters?

    Check sponsor, Grey Woolens.
  16. P

    Well this sucks .......

    I hear you, I fractured and dislocated my right ankle on the first bow hunt of the year. Morning of November 3rd. Never made it to the stand. I now have 7 screws, one plate and two big screws in my ankle. It has be a long and painful hunitng season. I just hope I get a boot on the 18th, so I can...
  17. P

    Muzzle loader

    Dunham's cva optima thumbhole 279.00
  18. P

    Deer Cape

    Somewhere between 65-75 bucks!
  19. P

    CVA Optima v2 vs CVA Accura v2

    I bought the optima black stainless with thumbhole with a 99.00 Konus scope from Dunhams for 299.00. I bought it for my boys to shoot youth season. I love the gun, may not shoot the KP1 late season. Easy to clean and good groups. I am shooting one pellet, so can help you with loads. Three...
  20. P

    Favorite Arrow

    Gold tip pro hunters
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