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Search results

  1. bowonly

    20-21 Team Contest Sign Up

    Count me in. Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  2. bowonly

    19-20 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Team 4 Oklahoma Doe down Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  3. bowonly

    Had a great weekend.

    Very nice buck! Congrats!
  4. bowonly


    What a dandy buck! Congrats!
  5. bowonly

    First mount done this season

    Great mount! What form did you use for this mount? I am interested in a wall pedestal in that pose for my next worthy buck.
  6. bowonly

    19-20 Team Contest Sign Up

    I'll throw my name in the hat
  7. bowonly

    Views from the stand 2018-19

    Some scenery from my Kansas trip
  8. bowonly

    2018-19 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Team 5 Kansas consolation prize half rack forkhorn 15 5/8" Pitiful I know. Would have taken another doe but the local Kansas biologist said I could only take 1 doe on public land as a non resident.
  9. bowonly

    2018-19 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Doe for Team 5 Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  10. bowonly

    Hunting The Rut My Way

    Oh my.....the suspense! Looking forward to the story and pics Ishi!
  11. bowonly

    Out of state hunts/plans for 2018?

    Instead of my usual Missouri trip, I will be making my first ever hunt in Kansas. Got drawn for units 12 and 14 archery. Three weeks away. Getting pumped.
  12. bowonly

    2018-19 IW Team Contest Sign Up

    Archery season in LA begins Sept 15th. Will a kill prior to start of the contest count toward the contest?
  13. bowonly

    2017 Bow and Gun Bucks

    You have every right to be proud of those 2 bucks. Congrats!
  14. bowonly

    RESPOND NOW!!!! Suggestions from any hunter!!!

    I think when Aaron, Zach and Greg left for their own You Tube show we lost an element that I really enjoyed. The public aspect for those of us that not only can't afford our own deer property or choose to hunt public lands for the challenge it offers. I would like to see that be brought back...
  15. bowonly

    2017 Indiana Buck Mount

    Awesome buck and mount! Congrats!
  16. bowonly

    Out of state hunts/plans for 2018?

    My usual Missouri deer hunt in November. Went on my dream hunt in Iowa last year. Have to wait a few years before I can do it again. Will be buying a preference point though. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  17. bowonly

    My buddy just mounted my 2017 Iowa bowkill

    Great looking mount! That's the same form I'm having my 2017 buck mounted on.
  18. bowonly

    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a production supervisor for an ethylene/petrochemical manufacturing facility here in southern Louisiana. Been in operations/production at the same company for 26yrs. My job was a lot more interesting when I was more involved with the daily production of the unit. Now I am more focused on...
  19. bowonly

    Post your kill...

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